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An in-game render of the Mark of the Taken King.
A thumbnail image depicting the Mark of the Taken King.

Mark of the Taken King

LegendaryTitan Mark
Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

ACCESS: RESTRICTED DECRYPTION KEY: LKV4PSM6ZQ$FEN-092 REP #: 003-TAKEN-156 AGENT(S): FEN-092 SUBJ: TKO-300 Analysis Notes Spectrological analysis indicates concentration of Taken energy within the cellular structure of subject's remains. Resonance indicative of active Darkness presence lacking both direction and willpower. Cellular analysis indicates slow but active mitosis, explaining the exaggerated size of the remains when compared to the subject's last known physical dimensions. The mind is gone, but the body continues to grow. Comparative analysis to samples with remains of subject WQS-030 do not match. WQS-030 shows no sign of mitosis. May be a compounding effect from worm severance and exposure to Light. Autopsy revealed no presence of worm carcass within TKO-300 remains. Status unknown. Prolonged exposure to TKO-300 causes vivid audio-visual hallucinations due to combined exposure to Taken and Darkness energies. ERI-223 notes similarities to object of interest COS-030. Catalogued recollections from initial Guardian fireteam exposed to site indicate WGX-003 frequently visited the remains to grieve. TKO-300 is capable of absorbing knowledge and events but incapable of reacting to them. It is my professional recommendation that the remains of TKO-300 should be destroyed. It poses a threat to the safety of humanity far outweighing any potential knowledge value. MESSAGE ENDS ACCESS: RESTRICTED DECRYPTION KEY: MNXF8WTV9K$CHA-319 REP #: 003-TAKEN-156 AGENT(S): CHA-319 SUBJ: FW: TKO-300 Analysis Notes Attached to FEN-092's analysis are quarantine recommendations from ERI-223 and my own analysis of object NEV-000 for comparison to TKO-300. My recommendation is as follows: reclassify POIs to segment queries, quarantine remains to off-site location, and limit direct exposure to frames and mechanical intelligence. There is too much of value here to simply throw away. MESSAGE ENDS

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Version Log

Season 0
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Season 21Season of the Deep
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