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Items - Machine Guns Legend

Icon depicting Hammerhead.
Hammerhead Machine Gun Source: Crafted in a Black Armory forge.
Icon depicting Avalanche.
Avalanche Machine Gun Source: The Dawning.
Icon depicting 21% Delirium.
21% Delirium Machine Gun Source: Complete this weapon's associated Gambit quest.
Icon depicting Fixed Odds.
Fixed Odds Machine Gun Acquired from the Menagerie aboard the Leviathan.
Icon depicting Bane of Sorrow.
Bane of Sorrow Machine Gun Acquired from the raid "Crown of Sorrow."
Icon depicting Edgewise.
Edgewise Machine Gun Source: Complete the "A Loud Racket" quest.
Icon depicting A Fine Memorial.
A Fine Memorial Machine Gun Source: Found by exploring the Moon.
Icon depicting Temporal Clause.
Temporal Clause Machine Gun Source: Season Pass Reward
Icon depicting Seventh Seraph SAW.
Seventh Seraph SAW Machine Gun Source: Complete Seraph bounties.