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Re: Destiny for 10 years? No way in hell. I don't even think it will last 10 months. They just beat around the bush and dodg
Re: VoG | Possible 6th and 7th chest found Pretty cool, but doesn't really seem worth it imo. At this point a lot of people already have all th
Re: Will you stop playing Destiny when new games come? First of all, ouch. Your purple writing.. it hurts.. Once MCC comes out the XB1 Destiny populati
Re: VoG Loot Tables Nice list. I didn't even know about a couple of these.
Re: Possible Hidden Bonuses [Theory] MOD EDIT - Lets be nice here.
Re: New extremely effective farming spot for Destiny waves spawn within 3-4 seconds! Ummm, this looks terrible in terms of engram drops. Yes you can kill enemies decently fast, but the
Re: Possible Hidden Bonuses [Theory] As a science teacher, I'm happy to know that at least mbayabo understands what a scientific theory a
No CTF? Is there really not gonna be CTF in Destiny? That is so extremely disappointing.
Re: What rare materials have you found? I had a couple of those pokeball looking things. They were called "ascendant energy." There were a
Re: What tweaks would you make to Destiny? The Destiny beta was the best beta I've ever played by far. The PVE was great and the PVP was very f
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? XB1, duh!
Re: A few exotic items from the BETA Damn where the hell did you find these? I played the crap out of the beta and explored literally ev
Re: What class are you looking forward to play? Definitely Hunter since it will probably take the most skill to play as.
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? No... ;)

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