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Re: Bungie's Destiny site [quote=xorth]Is the followers concept something we need here? How much of it is really useful and ho
Re: Bungie's Destiny site I have 5 followers now too! :o
Re: Pimp Yo Sig [url=]Sig[/url]
Re: All-Time Favorite Game Mario Bros :)
Re: Bungie's Destiny site [quote=hellraizer87]You should have posted!! Im a female gamer to loves to hang out at Destinytracke
Re: Bungie's Destiny site [quote=Hey Im Swat]You do realise that the followers on is to follow people of interest,
Re: What was your favorite Super Nintendo game to play? I never got to play on any consoles for Nintendo, except for the original. We also had Game Boys too
Re: All-Time Favorite Game Halo
Bungie's Destiny site How many people have been frequenting the forums on Bungie's Destiny site? I'm very surprised at the
Re: Get your game on with a GURL! [quote=Jules][quote=Raven]Its always interesting playing with Avy.[/quote] Drunk Avy is certainly
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? 360- I'm probably not going to buy a new console for awhile. Been saving up to buy a house.
Re: Where would you like to fight in Destiny? I'm interested to see how they will interpret some of the major cities to look in that time frame. L
Re: Shit gamers say Oh my gosh, she's a girl! Will you marry me? I love you! Are you hot? Will you be my Halo girl
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? Avy stands for Avatar... & it sounds like anywho...
Re: ASK [quote=Incubad]Pretty sure you're over thinking this whole situation. Shes your sister and you know
Re: ASK [quote=Sorge]If I'm correct, being a Maid of Honor (Technically it's Matron of Honor since you're ma
Re: ASK Ok, I have this new crazy dilemma. My sister is getting married and she just asked me to be her maid
Re: ASK Wow, I can't believe I didn't think of that. Thank you! :)
ASK [b][color=#99CC00]You got questions? Someone might have the answers! Ask a question about anythin
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed [color=#FF0099]@AvyWho I just started tweeting! :)[/color]
Weird appearance at the bottom of the screen What is the red thing at the bottom of the left hand corner. It appears when I scroll down really fa
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? iphone5 :D
Re: Post your Gaming Area! Here's my rockin' gaming area! :D [IMG][/IMG]
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? [quote=EgonSpenglerPHD][quote=Avy]Im semi- excited... I need more details about the game to become m
Salute Request I wasn't trying to spam salutes, but it happened somehow. I didn't realize you could get a negative
Re: What are you favorite colors? [color=#FF0099]Pink!![/color]
Re: Introduce Yourself Hey everybody, I'm a GURL!! My GT is AvyWho. Add me for some fun gaming times! I've played H2-H4 & I
Re: [Site News] IGN Interview with Jason Jones - Part 1 Nice!! Thanks for posting!! :)
Re: Do you think Destiny is going to sell alright? I think Bungie's fan base alone will be enough to sell well.
Re: [Site News] Bungie Day Challenges Cool, thanks for the info! :D
Re: What class are you looking forward to play? The Titan female class... Or whichever female class has armor which complements the female figure. :
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? Im semi- excited... I need more details about the game to become more excited though!
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