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Re: Faction shaders and how to get them You're missing a few. I believe [b]there are 4 shaders per faction[/b] as I have an FWC shader that
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? My main gamertag (Voidal) is just something I came up with as Void is my nickname. I also had a pre
Re: H:MCC newest patch notes I downloaded the update and tried to search for a game in the H3 playlist. During 30 minutes of sea
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? [quote=Sharky][color=#33CCFF]no one told to you all to play MCC and experience the bugs and flaws. i
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? [quote=Sharky][color=#33CFFC]They aren't doing [/color][color=#FF0000][b][u]ANYTHING[/u][/b][/color]
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? What they're doing wrong? Everything. Some of my friends can't even get Halo 3 to work. Multiple re
Re: Your Destiny Pet Peeves 1. Being disconnected after every multiplayer match and most of the time I try to go to the Tower 2

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