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Re: Diablo 3 - Xbox 360 The thought of playing any Diablo game on a console has always seemed strange to me. How is it?
Re: What Dreams Have You Had? [quote=TheBigL]You want weird? Ok, maybe it was more awesome than weird.. but anyways.. I had a d
Re: Halo, what is 343 doing wrong? Couldn't deal with it. Getting my Destiny on til they fix this nonsense.
Re: More Avatars! Nice guys, very nice. Off I go to change my Avatar!
Re: [Fanfiction] Never Insult a Warlock's Robes Kudos for giving credit. Didn't know it wasn't yours!
Re: Ancient weapons class! (Idea) Gotta agree with TheBigL. Looks cool. Definitely post it on the subreddit then post the link here so
Re: [Fanfiction] Never Insult a Warlock's Robes Those robes are precious! Very nicely written, Morarn. :)
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? I am in serious need of an update here. Still sitting around with the old iPhone 4. No, not 4s, just
Re: Favorite memories of H2 My personal favorite was the whole reason I picked up the game in the first place, actually. I'd "me
Re: Favorite Final Fantasy? [quote=Hal][quote=RidPoP]How anyone can say anything other than Final Fantasy 7 is beyond me.[/quote
Re: Favorite Final Fantasy? How anyone can say anything other than Final Fantasy 7 is beyond me.
Re: Halo 2: Anniversary Cinematic Trailer Ah, memories.
Re: What was your favorite Super Nintendo game to play? Just SNS? Gotta be Chrono Trigger and Mario Kart. Still enjoyable, playable games to this day.
Re: Destiny for 10 years? So many naysayers around here...honestly I would've expected more. They can hardly fix everything in
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed [url=]@poweronpub[/url] would be mine.
Re: Introduce Yourself Hey all, new around here! Looking forward to discussing Destiny with everyone :)

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