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Re: [PS4] Competitive PVP/Sweats Clan Now Recruiting ~ ✮Ambien✮ .
Re: [PS4] Competitive PVP/Sweats Clan Now Recruiting ~ ✮Ambien✮ For some reason game stats are not being tracked properly at the moment. We will take this into cons
Re: [PS4] Competitive PVP/Sweats Clan Now Recruiting ~ ✮Ambien✮ [quote=kratosftw]Will your clan be staying on PS4 only or are there members looking to switch over t
Re: [PS4] Competitive PVP/Sweats Clan Now Recruiting ~ ✮Ambien✮ Please message "el_jorbs" on psn for a tryout. Also note the change in requirements: they've increas
Re: [PS4] Competitive PVP/Sweats Clan Now Recruiting ~ ✮Ambien✮ We've hit 20 sweaty members and we're still recruiting!
Re: [PS4] Competitive PVP/Sweats Clan Now Recruiting ~ ✮Ambien✮ Please contact us through playstation network rather than destinytracker or bungie's website for fas
[PS4] Competitive PVP/Sweats Clan Now Recruiting ~ ✮Ambien✮ [CLOSED] Ambien is a new destiny clan comprised of top tier players that focuses on winning while having fun.
Re: Looking for PS4 clan [quote=TLWolfe]Hi there Shootyshoots, I'm Thanatos-Lazarus, the founder of HOWL, you sound like the
Looking for PS4 clan I'm looking for a large pvp clan comprised of many active U.S. players. Running 6v6 playlists and do
✦✦Looking for competitive PvP&PvE clan [PS4] ✦✦ [color=#3399FF]I'm looking for clan to join that does pretty much everything the game has to offer (
Re: DTR Elo A few questions: -Can we have varying K-factors now please? -How do fireteams affect elo? If my tw
Re: ★------ byNature PS4 Competitive Clan ------★ Bump for armday tournament on feb 13th.
Re: ★------ byNature PS4 Competitive Clan ------★ Should have mentioned that just because you meet the requirements and get a tryout does not mean you
Re: Bug on Game History Stats - Number of kills don't add up to total After I added up the kills broken down by weapon type/grenade/melee/super I found there was indeed a
Re: PVP Iron Banner/Trials Stats?
Re: Anyone got some ideas? Chest Armour dragging me down. If you are trying to get 310+ chest pieces I would recommend doing the hard mode raid from the begin
Re: ★------ byNature PS4 Competitive Clan ------★ Some clan stats [url][/url]
Re: Will my Rumble stats be effected? Deleting an account with a lower K/D ratio may lead to an increase in overall K/D, but will also cau
Re: Something Wrong? [quote=DiffizzIe]"too difficult to maintain" for who/what? One would think every player is operating
★------ byNature PS4 Competitive Clan ------★ Tired of losing due to a bad team or just playing solo? Looking to make friends and have fun while
Re: Bungie You Are A Bad Santa Try the King's Fall raid challenge, normal mode (recommended 300 light) should reward 310 gear while
Re: My epic rant towards Bungie TL;DR 1.) Build a time machine. 2.) Dedicated servers. 3.) OP doesn't understand last gen. limit

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