Soon your Destiny 2 progress across multiple platforms will be shared, including Xbox One, PC, and upcoming streaming service Google Stadia.

It's a massive change for the looter-shooter, which right now has a major divide between the different consoles. If you wanted to purchase a Google console, on which Destiny launches later this year, you'd have to start from level one all over again, bereft of Power, progress, and most importantly all your shiny loot.

Now, according to sources as well as a data-mined image found in the code of the Season of Opulence launch, all saves and progress will be shared between the listed consoles. Sony's involvement in the cross-platform collaboration has yet to be confirmed.

All of this news is expected to be confirmed in Bungie's upcoming stream, in which they promise to reveal "the next chapter" of the science-fiction franchise that has become their flagship series over the past five years.

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According to sources within Bungie, there's no guarantee Sony will come onboard with the connectivity offering that will link Destiny across space, time, and platforms. What was confirmed by Kotaku earlier today was that Google Stadia will be using Destiny 2 as a launch feature of its console, alongside Ghost Recon Breakpoint and a handful of other Triple-A titles.

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This means that Guardians will be able to play Destiny 2 straight through their Google Chrome browser. That's right, you load up the internet on your PC, and you can get into the grind for the latest exotic weapon right off the bat - no powerful console needed in front of you. All that we don't know about the new service is how much the Stadia service is going to set you back.

Interestingly, one hour ahead of Bungie's "next chapter" livestream, Google has a press conference penned in at 12pm ET. It's expected everything will be revealed when the press conference has run its course, with Bungie then revealing Destiny-specific content in their slot.

The press conference from Bungie is also expected to hold more information on Destiny: Shadowkeep, which was revealed through a datamine after the Season of Opulence release.

Google’s reveal stream begins tomorrow at 9AM PT / 12PM ET. Bungie’s will begin an hour later at 10AM PT / 1PM ET.