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Category: Xbox One | Written By Daimyon | Thursday, April 23, 2015 | 3 | 0

In this guide, I will go over how to control, manage, and even type on your Xbox console through your PC. This is especially helpful when playing games where typing for communication is required or an option. The short version is that you will be running the mobile app ‘Smartglass’ on your PC through a mobile emulator.


  • An Xbox360 or Xbox One
  • A Personal Computer
  • An Internet Connection
  • Xbox Live Account
  • A Google Account (free to sign up for)
  • Bluestacks App Player software (free software, download HERE)

Step 1:
Download and install Bluestacks onto your computer. Bluestacks is free software that allows you to download and install mobile apps onto your computer as though it were a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet.

Step 2:
Once Bluestacks is installed, you will want to search for Smartglass using the search option. Smartglass is offered by the Google Play Store, which isn’t installed by default, but is easily installed by clicking the link titled ‘Search Play for Smartglass’ (see image). Google Play Store requires a Google account. If you do not have one, it’s free to sign up for, which also gets you a Gmail account and a Google+ account should you choose to use them.

Step 3:

Once Google Play Store is installed, you can find the Smartglass app for your specific console in the store. Select it and then select install. After it has been installed, you can select open, or find it in your list of apps.

Step 4:
When Smartglass opens, it will ask you to log in to your Microsoft account. This is the same account for your Xbox Live. Connecting to it will show version of your Xbox Dashboard. From here, you connect to your Xbox directly. If your Xbox isn’t listed in devices on your network, you can find it by inputting your Xbox’s IP address.

Xbox 360

  • Navigate to My Xbox
  • Select System Settings
  • Select Network Settings
  • Navigate to Configure Network


  • Press Start on the dashboard and select Settings
  • Select Network
  • Select Advanced Settings

Step 5:
Once connected, you can select the controller option, which will give you a controller interface that you can use to control your Xbox with. This includes all the controller buttons, as well as the guide button, start and select options. Holding down your left mouse button and dragging will give directional control.

Step 6:
While in the controller mode, triggering an option for typing in any screen or game on your Xbox will bring up a typing screen on your computer in Bluestacks where you can type whatever you want, and it will appear on your Xbox as you type it.

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