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How to use Destinytracker LFG

You’re probably thinking any idiot can use LFG, but are you using it effectively?  I use it all the time and I get games in 1-2 minutes.  You having worse luck? Read on….


Too Long, Didn’t read:

Be ready, use tags, don’t spam.  If you are one person looking for 5, you don’t need to post. Just read the chat and wait.  Use the envelope icon to messsage on Xbox Live (sorry PS people).  Sell yourself, let people know what you bring to the table, but always be honest. Use tags? Use tags.

Common Terms

Term Meaning Notes
LFG Looking for Group
LFM Looking for More May include a number, meaning how many more people they need. Example: LF1M
CP Check Point Indicating where they want to start the raid from
Sherpa Will help lower level or new players

Should I use the chat or the listing of games below?

Both work great, but the games listing below is more for scheduling games for later.  Many people use it for games happening now, so always check it out, but the vast majority of people are using the chat.

Should I say something in the chat?

Not always.  It depends.  If you have a checkpoint, or if you have 4 of the 6 people to do a raid, or 2 of the 3 to do the weekly, then you should definitely post something.  If you are alone, in a small group, or don’t really care about check points or anything, then you can sit quietly and wait for the right person to announce they need help. Message them on Xbox or PS and tell them your character level and ask for an invite.

If nobody is looking for a group for the activity that you want to do, then that is the appropriate time to announce you are looking for people.  Whenever I am alone and I want to raid, I never type anything. I wait for someone saying LF1M and I just send them a message on xbox by clicking the Envelope Icon.

To tag or not to tag, that is the question

Tag.  Above the chat box there is a Tag Help menu.  A lot of people use tag filters, so if you are posting without a tag, a vast percent of the chat is never even going to see your post.  Low effort posts will delay the time you get into a game.

Nobody is responding to me or inviting me

Are you selling yourself?  Part of LFG is sounding desirable.  A low effort post will get you no responses.  Let people know what you want to do, your class/character, if you’re experienced, or if you need help.  A lot of times honesty goes a long ways. If you say you need help, people are more likely to invite you.   Lastly, did you tag?  If no, you get what you pay for.

What is good LFG Etiquette?

  • Be ready to go. Don’t join and ask to go to the tower
  • Have plenty of Heavy Ammo Syths
  • Use tags, and don’t spam. People hate spammers.
  • Pay Attention. Don’t post and look away. People may try to ask you questions.

 General Tips

  • Have your best weapons equipped. People will be checking you out.
  • Update your stats at Destinytracker. People WILL be checking you out.
  • Ask for help, never Lie.
  • Use Tags
  • Use Tags



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