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Category: DLC | Written By Daimyon | Tuesday, April 28, 2015 | 5 | 8


The following is a brief summary of the various features and changes expected in the upcoming DLC, House of Wolves.  This list will be added to as more information is revealed on the weekly reveal streams on Twitch.

  • More story missions (4/22/2015)
  • Addition of Trials of Osiris (4/22/2015)
  • Addition of Prison of Elders (4/22/2015)
  • Light Level cap increased to 34 (4/22/2015)
  • Players will be able to pick a faction (4/22/2015)
  • Players must complete the story to access Prison of Elders (4/22/2015)

  • The Reef will be accessible to everyone, DLC is not required. (4/22/2015)
  • Storage vaults will be available in both the Tower and the Reef.  It will be the same vault. (4/22/2015)
  • The Reef will have a more utilitarian layout, but a more grim appearance. (4/22/2015)
  • Trials of Osiris will only be available during the weekend.  Starting on Friday and ending on Tuesday. (4/22/2015)
  • Prison of Elders will have weekly changes. (4/22/2015)

  • Black Hammer’s Hive Disruptor and upgrade tree should be fixed. (4/22/2015)
  • Any legendary or exotic can be upgraded to the 365 damage cap. (4/22/2015)
  • High Impact Auto Rifles are returning. (4/22/2015)
  • Upgrading weapons will not reset their upgrade tree progression. (4/22/2015)
  • Upgrading weapons requires Etheric Light, which are acquired  in PoE, ToO, Nightfall and Iron Banner. (4/22/2015)

  • New ships will be available. (4/22/2015)
  • There will be no cap on Etheric Light. (4/22/2015)

  • Xur can appear in The Reef instead or The Tower.  He will no longer be required to upgrade older weapons. (4/22/2015)
  • The Bounty Tracker will be available in both The Reef and The Tower. (4/22/2015)
  • The Postmaster will be available in both The Reef and The Tower. (4/22/2015)
  • The Queen’s Emissary, Petra Venj, will be available and sell Queen’s Wrath gear. (4/22/2015)
  • The Warden sells items in exchange for Armor Cores and Weapon Cores, which drop in Prison of Elders, and changes his inventory every week.  Players must level him up to gain access to a better selection. (4/22/2015)
  • Brother Vance, Emissary for the Trials of Osiris, will sell consumables for Trials of Osiris. (4/22/2015)
  • All faction vendors will have new sets of gear. (4/22/2015)
  • Guardian Class Vanguards will have new gear to sell. (4/22/2015)
  • Crucible Quartermaster will have new weapons for sale. (4/22/2015)
  • The Gunsmith will now reforge any weapon purchased from vendors, similar to The Iron Banner.  He will also sell weapon telemetries. (4/22/2015)
  • The Speaker will exchange older materials for more useful goods. (4/22/2015)

Material Exchanged Material Received Cost
1 Ascendant Energy 1 Ascendant Shard 50 Glimmer
1 Ascendant Shard 1 Ascendant Energy 50 Glimmer
2 Ascendant Shards 1 Mote of Light No Cost
1 Ascendant Shard 250 Glimmer No Cost
1 Radiant Energy 1 Radiant Shard 50 Glimmer
1 Radiant Shard 1 Radiant Energy 50 Glimmer
2 Radiant Shard 1 Mote of Light No Cost
1 Radiant Shard 250 Glimmer No Cost

  • PVP mode: Elimination 3v3, Level advantages active, no matchmaking, no respawns, team must revive, 5 second cooldown before revive is possible, sudden death overtime. (4/29/2015)
  • Live and Dead players shown on screen via interface. (4/29/2015)
  • Starts at 10am PDT Friday, ends on reset, 2am PDT Tuesday. (4/29/2015)
  • Passage of Osiris (Score Card): Required to begin the Trials of Osiris and purchase gear from Brother Vance. Keeps track of wins and losses.  No limit to amount of times turned in.  Obtained from Brother Vance. (4/29/2015)
  • Brother Vance sells items based off the wins on score card. (4/29/2015)
  • Passage coins drops from Crucible activities. Used to purchase bonuses – Forgive loss, free win, bonus win. (4/29/2015)
  • Same map all week long, every week is a different map. (4/29/2015)
  • ToO gear can be awarded at the end of the match, not only from Brother Vance. (4/29/2015)
  • Two tiers of ToO gear.  Tier 1 drops at 32 and can be ascended to 34.  Tier 2 is 34 and only acquired by purchasing after winning. (4/29/2015)

  • Requires finishing story missions. (5/6/2015)
  • Matchmaking available for level 28 version. (5/6/2015)
  • Different bosses and mobs each time. (5/6/2015)
  • Lasts 5 rounds, 3 waves each. (5/6/2015)
  • Challenge Modes are level 32, level 34, and level 35. (5/6/2015)
  • 6 unique challenges.  Levels 28, 32 and 35 rotate between 5 of the challenges.  Level 35 remains static. (5/6/2015)
  • Can only run challenge modes once a week each, lvl 28 version has no limit to times run. (5/6/2015)
  • Modifiers change every new round. (5/6/2015)
  • Critical Objectives appear from time to time and need to be completed to proceed. (5/6/2015)
  • Ammo Synthesis can be used. (5/6/2015)
  • Gifts spawn periodically, and can either be ammo crates, or unique weapons. (5/6/2015)
  • No saved checkpoints.  Must be completed on attempt, or it resets after you leave. (5/6/2015)
  • New environmental hazards ie. mines. (5/6/2015)
  • Wiping restarts the round. (5/6/2015)

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