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Category: General | Written By Sengir79 | Tuesday, October 21, 2014 | 7 | 19

For those of you who like to avoid certain missions while on patrol, here is a quick guide so you can do only the missions you prefer.

Kill a particular amount of enemies (amount of enemies can vary)

Collect item drops from specific enemies (number of items varies by type)

Go to the designated area and kill a specific target (Usually a yellow bar enemy or minor boss)

Go to the designated area and stand where the mission marker dictates until the survey is complete

Go to the designated area and scan it with your ghost

All missions will give 10 rep (12 with Nightfall bonus active) for whichever faction you represent at the time of completion except for VIP, which will give 25 rep (31 with Nightfall bonus active)

It is also worthy to note that completion of 50 VIP missions (across all characters) will grant a bonus to "resources" for finishing patrol missions, though it is unclear what these "resources" are
This bonus was removed a couple of weeks back

Info gathered from Here
Images created by /u/Gozumaki

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