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Re: NEW Competitive 32 Titan. 1% Ranking (x1&ps4) & 2.3 FFA KD Cool man congrats. I play titan too just because it gives me more of a halo feel. I'll swing by and
Re: Realkraftyy's stream! #1 on PSN/2nd in the world! Neat I guess... I also stream every now and then
Re: [Site News] New Stats Page [quote=xorth][center][url=][img]
Re: (Rumor) About light level in the DLC... [quote=Darkened Khaos][quote=ILOGAIN]I heard a rumor that we will be able to level gear that isn't r
(Rumor) About light level in the DLC... I heard a rumor that we will be able to level gear that isn't raid to hit level 32 in the new DLC. I
Re: Highest K/D in a PvP game? [Post Yours Here] highest K/D I have ever had in a match (including the beta) was 32.00 K/D :)
Re: The Dark Below [ Rumour ] I really hope that Bungie does T1 Raid armor drops on normal and all the T2 armor drops on hard, tha
Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? Anyone have any thoughts on this? Like do we need a full set (assuming we do not have an exotic on)
Re: The Titan class, doesn't feel like a tank. I play only a Titan for now and yes it is a more of a in your face sort of class- if you choose to b
Re: Shaders? I can tell you for certain that most of the PvP shaders so far as I have seen have an orange/blue/wh
Shaders? Does anyone know how to get any of the shaders featured in the database like for example I am search

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