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Re: Destiny for 10 years? Let's be honest, they dodge every question. I just want more story... not three missions where I gua
Re: [Site News] Xur Agent of the Nine - 10/10/2014 I was so happy when I saw that Xur had the Ice Breaker. Xur deserves a high five!
Re: Aetheon Knock-Off Method [quote=Wurm]They could simply make it so after Aetheon falls X vertical feet he is teleported to Y l
Re: Darko's new Destiny Exclusive YouTube Channel Good luck on the channel! i definitely recommend commentaries. It's funny, year ago I hated them.
Re: Q&A Session with 'Wish You Luck' - #1 Rumble player [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=RippinHeads] [color=#FFFF33][b]What 3 tips would you share with the rest
Re: Aetheon Knock-Off Method That's actually pretty funny. Do you think Bungie will try to patch it?
[PS3] We Are Ready - Are You? [u][color=#FF9966][center][b]We Are Ready[/b][/color][/u] [color=#FF9900][WAR][/color] is looking f
Re: [Site News] Trueskill Leaderboards [quote=xorth] ( [color=lightblue] shameless plug of our LFG feature to look for team mates [url=ht
Re: Exotic Weapon Guide: Shotguns [quote=Hal]That Universal remote is just wicked looking.... I need that.[/quote] The name alone i
Re: Exotic Weapon Guide: Sniper Rifles Great post. That Ice Breaker sniper looks like an absolute PvE monster with the ammo regen ability.
Re: Rasputin [quote=Morarn] [size=8px]Little bit of Google[/size] [/quote] This made me laugh a lot, and I'm n
Re: Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? [quote=Wurm] You're talking about BoE (Bind on Equip) items, which are (generally speaking) [b]ne
Re: Patch 1.0.2 is here! Patch notes are here! [quote=Wurm]Less Bastion and Fist Light. Less Bastion and First Light. [b]Less Bastion and Fir
Re: Favorite Final Fantasy? I'm going to say Final Fantasy X. The reason being is probably due to some points I'll list below
Re: Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? [quote=Wurm][quote=Jason Hertzog][quote=TigBits]Yeah was gonna say, MMOs in general - welcome to the
Re: Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? [quote=TigBits]Yeah was gonna say, MMOs in general - welcome to the Luck system - At least we dont h
Re: The Titan class, doesn't feel like a tank. [quote=ILOGAIN]any striker worth their salt will use their fist of havoc right through the bubble an
Re: How to earn guaranteed legendaries! "Most times it'll be just a helmet." Story of my life haha. Good video!
Re: All known Destiny unlock codes. Awesome stuff, thanks! Are the cards just for looks? I think it's cool either way.

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