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Re: Crucible stats not loading Yeh no stats since the 18th
Re: stats are not updating *slaps* xorth
Re: Iron Banner Mayhem Clash yeh i noticed this as well
Re: Is the Three of Coins too good? Haggis it's awful since they patched it..few days ago my party of 3 used up to 15 to 17 of them j
Re: Hunt for the Hopscotch Pilgrim Pulse Rifle i got mine last week...rolled it over 100 times to get myself rodeo, braced frame and hidden hand
Re: Submit your Destiny Clips here! 10 sec Wrecking Ball with a Firebolt nade
Re: Your Destiny Pet Peeves my only issue is getting dced non stop when playing online MM, apart from that i have no issue ma
Re: What class are you? Warlock for now
Re: [Videos] New Destiny ViDoc "Out Here in the Wild" - Competitive Multiplayer Details Revealed i think i got a little excited after watching that video, awesome stuff and thx edge
Re: [Videos] Destiny News - Alien Armies, Gun Customization, Fallen Shanks man im getting more and more excited for this game
Re: Bungie's Destiny site yeh once the game comes out i think we might have to look at it in a different way :)
Re: Funny Chat lines hahahaha so funny silly xorth
Re: Bungie's Destiny site i really dont think we need followers on this site, everyone basically knows everyone on here
Re: GTA V Gameplay my god i cant wait for this game lol
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* they should of offered to replace the hd
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* Have you tried re-downloading the profiles?
Re: Favorite memories of H2 getting hit by the train for the 1st time in Terminal
Re: What are you favorite colors? i would say blue or black for cars white with black rims lol :)
Re: Shit gamers say Hopefully Destiny has Team & Party lol so peaceful
Re: [Videos] Destiny Daily - The Fallen thx edge, nice little video[color=#0099FF][/color]
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? mm i am sponsored by a clothing brand called DrunkenMonkey so that is my main tag and this one i jus
Re: Shit gamers say kid this kid that lag this lag that 1v1 kid lol so immature
Re: Post your ride evo 6.5 tm [img][/img] evo 8 mr [img][/img] 20
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? Samsung galaxy s4 need something with great battery life
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? i think everyone who has come on here is excited for it
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? on the xbone for sure, i have no use for a playstation when it comes to gaming
Re: Introduce Yourself l'll come clean, i really disliked HC and was happy when i found HaloTracker and was part of the HH
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? of course i am, i have played halo 4 once in the last few weeks need something new
Re: Do you think Destiny is going to sell alright? i think it will do pretty well since the failure of what 343 has come out with. I always got time
Re: What class are you looking forward to play? maybe hunter or warlock
Re: Post your Gaming Area! this is kinda a oldish pic, l'll take a updated one when the new xbone comes out :) [img]http://p
Re: What are you expecting from destiny/ wanting hopefully it's better then what 343 have come out for..i think Bungie have had enough time out of th

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