A thumbnail image depicting the A Hum of Starlight.

A Hum of Starlight

Legendary Global Quest
Complete mission "A Hum of Starlight."


1. Broken Awoken Talisman

Collect the remaining talisman fragments found within the Lost Sectors of Tangled Shore.

  • In an old Corsair hideout: 0/1
  • In the heart of Spider's web: 0/1
  • In a rare green place: 0/1

2. Inert Awoken Talisman

Return to Spider with the mended Awoken talisman.

  • Speak to Spider: 0/1

3. Mended Awoken Talisman

Defeat Taken to imbue the talisman with the Darkness you need to open the doorway to the Dreaming City. Vanguard intel indicates that you can find Taken on Io and in the Sludge in the EDZ, as well as in strike "Lake of Shadows" and in Gambit.

  • Darkness Absorbed: 0/1000

4. Imbalanced Awoken Talisman

Return to Spider with the empowered Awoken talisman.

  • Speak to Spider: 0/1

5. Semi-Charged Awoken Talisman

Absorb Darkness from the tainted Ether of powerful Scorn.

  • Darkness Absorbed: 0/1

6. Visit the Spider

Visit the Spider on the Tangled Shore.

  • Speak to Spider: 0/1

7. A Hum of Starlight

Complete mission "A Hum of Starlight."

  • "A Hum of Starlight" completed: 0/1

8. Awakening

Complete mission "Awakening."

  • "Awakening" completed: 0/1

Version Log

Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Added - 9/30/2019


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