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Limited Time Vendors

Icon depicting Lord Saladin.
Lord SaladinIron BannerLord Saladin, the last surviving Iron Lord, oversees the Iron Banner event: trial by combat where only the strongest survive.
Icon depicting Eva Levante.
Eva LevanteEvent VendorNo longer an outfitter for heroes of the Tower, Eva now devotes her time to making sure Guardians enjoy seasonal events.
Icon depicting Prismatic Recaster.
Prismatic RecasterElement ContainmentA containment unit able to siphon the Darkness from the Seed of Silver Wings and harness its volatile energy.
Icon depicting Book of the Forgotten.
Book of the ForgottenHaunted TomeA tattered book filled with lost legends and forgotten folklore.
Icon depicting Statue of Heroes.
Statue of HeroesSolstice of HeroesUpgrade Solstice Armor and complete Triumphs.
Icon depicting Xûr.
XûrAgent of the NineA peddler of strange curios, Xûr's motives are not his own. He bows to his distant masters, the Nine.

The Pale Heart Vendors

Icon depicting Ghost.
GhostYour Light in Dark TimesYour Ghost has been by your side all along. No matter what.

Seasonal Vendors

Icon depicting Star Chart.
Star ChartRefurbished Eliksni spacefaring technology.Refurbished Eliksni spacefaring technology.
Icon depicting Spirit of Riven.
Spirit of RivenParacausal ApparitionA manifestation of Riven, the last Ahamkara. Only she can complete the Fifteenth Wish, but every bargain has a price…
Icon depicting Failsafe v{var:1065713164}.{var:2637407284}.
Failsafe v{var:1065713164}.{var:2637407284}AI Research AssistantThe surviving AI of a crashed Golden Age colony ship, Failsafe now safely resides in the uncrashable H.E.L.M.
Icon depicting Exo Frame.
Exo FramePrototype BrayTech HardwareAn experimental Exo frame developed by Ana Bray to house the Warmind.
Icon depicting Gift of the Thunder Gods.
Gift of the Thunder GodsLimited OfferFrom fields afar they call to you. The voices are thunder, the offer is power. Claim these gifts and wield the storm.
Icon depicting War Table.
War TableA tactical hub detailing the Vanguard's joint rescue operations.A tactical hub detailing the Vanguard's joint rescue operations.
Icon depicting Spider.
SpiderEliksni EntrepreneurUnlike some of his Eliksni brethren, the clever Spider prefers to parley instead of fight.
Icon depicting Ritual Table.
Ritual TableSeason 22 Seasonal VendorA desk used by Eris Morn to study the rituals of the Hive. Cluttered with scattered notes and arcane oddities.
Icon depicting Lectern of Divination.
Lectern of DivinationAn occult archive to collect and interpret the Deck of Whispers.An occult archive to collect and interpret the Deck of Whispers.
Icon depicting Sonar Station.
Sonar StationResonance Detection SystemRepurposed Arcology technology designed for seafloor monitoring programs.
Icon depicting War Table.
War TableCenter for operations against the Lucent Hive.Center for operations against the Lucent Hive.
Icon depicting Mara Sov.
Mara SovQueen of the AwokenQueen of the Awoken
Icon depicting Crown of Sorrow.
Crown of SorrowHive ArtifactAn artifact of unspeakable power, bound to Eris Morn.

Tower Vendors

Icon depicting Commander Zavala.
Commander ZavalaTitan VanguardThe resolute Commander Zavala advises Guardians on all Vanguard-related activities.
Icon depicting The Drifter.
The DrifterRogue LightbearerThe name says it all.
Icon depicting Special Deliveries.
Special DeliveriesTerminalReceive special gifts and rewards from various sources.
Icon depicting Ada-1.
Ada-1Armor SynthesisAdvanced Prototype Exo and warden of the Black Armory.
Icon depicting Banshee-44.
Banshee-44GunsmithBanshee-44 has lived many lives. As master weaponsmith for the Tower, he supplies Guardians with only the best.
Icon depicting Saint-14.
Saint-14Legendary TitanA legendary hero and the former Titan Vanguard, Saint-14 disappeared into the Infinite Forest only to be later rescued by a fellow Guardian.
Icon depicting Quest Archive.
Quest ArchiveTerminalKiosk to acquire old or abandoned quests.
Icon depicting Lord Shaxx.
Lord ShaxxCrucible HandlerThe Crucible is the arena in which Guardians forge their Light. Lord Shaxx is the Crucible.
Icon depicting Monument to Lost Lights.
Monument to Lost LightsExotic ArchiveBuilt in honor of those who sacrificed their Light to defend humanity. Created in collaboration with Cryptarchs to help Guardians manage armaments.
Icon depicting Yuna.
YunaMugunghwa MerchantOnce lost in space, Yuna is eager to support Guardians through the Mugunghwa Legion.
Icon depicting Ikora Rey.
Ikora ReyWarlock VanguardThe wise Ikora Rey aids and advises Guardians in the protection of humanity and beyond.
Icon depicting Master Rahool.
Master RahoolCryptarchA senior representative of the Cryptarchy, Master Rahool decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity's past.
Icon depicting Suraya Hawthorne.
Suraya HawthorneClan StewardOnce a wanderer beyond the City, Suraya Hawthorne now acts as a liaison between humanity and the Guardians.
Icon depicting Tess Everis.
Tess EverisEververseTess Everis is an accomplished broker of stylish and highly coveted items procured from the City and beyond.


Icon depicting Nimbus.
NimbusCloud StriderThe latest recruit in a long line of cybernetically enhanced protectors of Neomuna.
Icon depicting The Pouka Pond.
The Pouka PondMeditative Focal PointExplore Strand and the power it has to offer.
Icon depicting Quinn Laghari.
Quinn LaghariCity ArchivistData Architect Extraordinaire

The Witch Queen Vendors

Icon depicting Evidence Board.
Evidence BoardInvestigatory ApparatusThe Hidden's hub for intel on any and all Enclave investigations.
Icon depicting Relic Conduit.
Relic ConduitA whisper from afar.
Icon depicting Relic.
RelicResonance Engine
Icon depicting Ikora Rey.
Ikora ReyWarlock VanguardAs Warlock Vanguard and leader of the Hidden, Ikora Rey directs the Guardians investigating Savathûn's throne world.
Icon depicting Fynch.
FynchConscientious ObjectorA Hive Ghost who no longer believes the Hive deserve the Light, Fynch has defected from Savathûn's followers in order to help humanity.

30th Anniversary Vendors

Icon depicting Starhorse.
StarhorseParaversal EntityA mysterious, impossible horse. Starhorse's origins and motives are unknowable.
Icon depicting Xûr.
XûrStrange PurveyorA mysterious being who is servant to forces greater than himself.

Destination Vendors

Icon depicting Lectern of Enchantment.
Lectern of EnchantmentHarnesser of Dark HymnsA mechanism of the occult built by Eris Morn to harness even the most unstable of magics. Access the lectern to create gear using Nightmare Essences…
Icon depicting Devrim Kay.
Devrim KayDead Zone ScoutEver the gentleman sniper, Devrim Kay holds fast in the wilds of the EDZ.
Icon depicting Spider.
SpiderThe Shore's Only LawUnlike his Fallen brethren, the clever Spider prefers to negotiate instead of fight.
Icon depicting Werner 99-40.
Werner 99-40Emperor's AdvocateShadow of Frames
Icon depicting Failsafe.
FailsafeExodus Black AISurvivor of a crashed Golden Age colony ship, the AI Failsafe acts as a guide to the Vex-haunted wastes of Nessus.
Icon depicting Eris Morn.
Eris MornBane of the SwarmOnce a Lightbearer, Eris Morn descended into the Hellmouth of the Moon where she lost her fireteam, her Ghost, and her Light to the Hive.
Icon depicting Osiris.
OsirisExiled WarlockA renowned Warlock and the former Vanguard Commander, Osiris was exiled from the Last City for his controversial ideas on Light, the Darkness, and…
Icon depicting The Crow.
The CrowSpider's EnforcerThe amnesiac Lightbearer once known as Prince Uldren Sov of the Reef.
Icon depicting Exo Stranger.
Exo StrangerA Link to the FutureBurdened with the knowledge one can only gain from time travel, the Stranger is here to divert us from an inescapable dark future.
Icon depicting Shaw Han.
Shaw HanVanguard OperativeA skilled Hunter, Shaw leads fireteams on dangerous missions throughout the solar system.
Icon depicting Petra Venj.
Petra VenjQueen's WrathA warrior of the Reef, Petra Venj puts duty above all else.
Icon depicting Visage of Calus.
Visage of CalusGolden IdolA magnificent statue of Calus, generously placed here for worthy creatures to kneel before.
Icon depicting Variks the Loyal.
Variks the LoyalEliksni RebelThe formerly two-faced Fallen now serves as a faithful guide on Europa for Guardians and Light-bound Eliksni alike.
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