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Sellable Items

Icon depicting Synaptic Spear.
Synaptic Spear , Legendary
Icon depicting Renewal Grasps.
Renewal Grasps Gauntlets, Exotic
Icon depicting Blight Ranger.
Blight Ranger Helmet, Exotic
Icon depicting Hoarfrost-Z.
Hoarfrost-Z Chest Armor, Exotic
Icon depicting Loreley Splendor Helm.
Loreley Splendor Helm Helmet, Exotic
Icon depicting Osmiomancy Gloves.
Osmiomancy Gloves Gauntlets, Exotic
Icon depicting Secant Filaments.
Secant Filaments Leg Armor, Exotic
Icon depicting Empirical Evidence.
Empirical Evidence Sidearm, Legendary
Icon depicting Red Herring.
Red Herring Rocket Launcher, Legendary
Icon depicting Of Queens and Worms.
Of Queens and Worms Quest Step, Exotic
Icon depicting Resonant Alloy.
Resonant Alloy Material, Uncommon
Icon depicting The Relic.
The Relic Quest Step, Legendary
Image depicting Ikora Rey

Ikora Rey

Warlock Vanguard

As Warlock Vanguard and leader of the Hidden, Ikora Rey directs the Guardians investigating Savathûn's throne world.

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