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Sellable Items

Bungie Foundation Rewards
Icon depicting Circadian Guard.
Circadian Guard Emblem, Legendary
Icon depicting Tiny Tank.
Tiny Tank Emote, Exotic
Icon depicting Buoyant Shell.
Buoyant Shell Ghost Shell, Exotic
Beyond Light Bonus Items
Icon depicting Any Other Sky.
Any Other Sky Vehicle, Exotic
Beyond Light Pre-Order Items
Icon depicting Rimed Shell.
Rimed Shell Ghost Shell, Exotic
Icon depicting Beyond Light.
Beyond Light Emblem, Legendary
Icon depicting Freeze Tag.
Freeze Tag Multiplayer Emote, Exotic
Special Offers
Icon depicting My Poor Friend.
My Poor Friend Emote, Legendary
Icon depicting For the Audience.
For the Audience Emote, Legendary
Icon depicting Reflecting Glass.
Reflecting Glass Emote, Legendary
Icon depicting Throne of Atheon.
Throne of Atheon Emote, Exotic
Icon depicting Strange Visitors.
Strange Visitors Emote, Legendary
Icon depicting SUROS Regime.
SUROS Regime Auto Rifle, Exotic
Icon depicting Coup de Main.
Coup de Main Weapon Ornament, Exotic
Icon depicting Skyline Flipside Shell.
Skyline Flipside Shell Ghost Shell, Exotic
Icon depicting unsecured/OUTCRY.
unsecured/OUTCRY Ship, Exotic
Icon depicting Praxic Finery.
Praxic Finery Vehicle, Exotic
Icon depicting Poultry Petting.
Poultry Petting Emote, Exotic
Icon depicting Sails of Osiris.
Sails of Osiris Ship, Exotic
Icon depicting Age of Tomorrow Shell.
Age of Tomorrow Shell Ghost Shell, Legendary
An Old Friend
Icon depicting Dawning Delivery.
Dawning Delivery Holiday "Gift", Rare
Engram Purchases
Icon depicting Legendary Engram.
Legendary Engram Engram, Legendary
Icon depicting Prime Engram.
Prime Engram Engram, Legendary
Icon depicting Prime Example.
Prime Example Quest Step, Legendary
Icon depicting The Gate Lord's Eye.
The Gate Lord's Eye Seasonal Artifact, Legendary
Abandoned Quests
Icon depicting null.
Quest Step, Legendary
Image depicting Master Rahool

Master Rahool


A senior representative of the Cryptarchy, Master Rahool decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity's past.