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A thumbnail image depicting the Amanda Holliday.

Amanda Holliday

Legendary Story Quest
Amanda Holliday is waiting for you back in the Hangar.


1. Homecoming

The Last City is under attack by the Red Legion. It's time to fight back.

  • : 0/1

2. Homecoming

The Last City is under attack by the Red Legion. It's time to fight back.

  • "Homecoming" completed: 0/1

3. Adieu

The Red Legion has overrun the Last City. The Light is gone. You are powerless. Live to fight another day.

  • Complete mission "Adieu" in the Last City.: 0/1

4. The Farm

A refugee camp set up during the Red War for Guardians and non Guardians alike, on the outskirts of the EDZ.

  • : 0/1

5. Tyra Karn

Tyra — another Guardian who has lost her connection to the Light — has a warning about the Shard from your vision.

  • Speak to Tyra: 0/1

6. Suraya Hawthorne

The Shard from your vision calls from the horizon. But Hawthorne has something for you before you go.

  • Speak with Hawthorne at the Farm.: 0/1

7. Spark

While Hawthorne offers shelter to those who fled the City, a vision points to a long-forgotten place.

  • Complete mission "Spark" in the EDZ.: 0/1

8. Suraya Hawthorne

Speak with Hawthorne at the Farm.

  • Speak to Hawthorne: 0/1

9. Devrim Kay

The Fallen are all over (and under) the EDZ. Return to Devrim for now, and start helping Hawthorne.

  • Speak to Devrim Kay: 0/1

10. Combustion

Hawthorne's waiting on the cliffs above the salt mines. Help her get the word out: we rally at the Farm.

  • "Combustion" completed: 0/1

11. Hope

Commander Zavala is building a resistance at a moon of Saturn. Make contact and join the fight.

  • "Hope" completed: 0/1

12. Riptide

Without power, Zavala's resistance has hit a wall. Travel deeper into the Arcology and help them past it.

  • "Riptide" completed: 0/1

13. Sloane

To strike back against the Red Legion, their transmissions need decrypting. Sloane has an idea.

  • Speak to Sloane: 0/1

14. Utopia

Venture deep into the heart of the Hive to retrieve a powerful Golden Age CPU—and make it out alive.

  • "Utopia" completed: 0/1

15. Looped

No one's heard from Cayde-6 since the Hunter took off for an uncharted world. Track him down.

  • "Looped" completed: 0/1

16. Six

A crashed colony ship, an interspecies war... Cayde-6 got that adventure he wanted. Go save him from it.

  • "Six" completed: 0/1

17. Failsafe

Cayde has left Nessus to join up with Zavala. Before you leave for Io, meet Failsafe face to face.

  • Speak to Failsafe: 0/1

18. Sacrilege

Since the loss of her Light, Ikora has many questions—and she's not leaving Io without answers.

  • "Sacrilege" completed: 0/1

19. Asher Mir

Asher Mir has an idea for how to deal with the Almighty. Find him in the Rupture.

  • Speak to Asher: 0/1

20. Fury

Help Ikora use the Warmind on Io to learn more about the Almighty—and turn the tide of the war.

  • "Fury" completed: 0/1

21. Suraya Hawthorne

The Vanguard is reunited. It's time to strike back against the Red Legion. Find out the plan from Hawthorne.

  • Speak to Hawthorne: 0/1

22. Payback

Time for Zavala's grand entrance—finally attacking the Red Legion base in the EDZ head-on.

  • "Payback" completed: 0/1

23. Unbroken

Find Thumos the Unbroken and take the key codes he carries—by any means necessary.

  • "Unbroken" completed: 0/1

24. Larceny

Break into the Red Legion base and steal the personal shuttle of Thumos the no-longer-Unbroken.

  • "Larceny" completed: 0/1

25. 1AU

The time has come to stop the Almighty. Board the ship, and shut down its annihilation weapon.

  • "1AU" completed: 0/1

26. Chosen

The Almighty is finished. Time to go home, save the Traveler, take back the City, and end this war. Be brave.

  • "Chosen" completed: 0/1

27. Suraya Hawthorne

Hawthorne has moved into the Tower, and no one is more surprised than she is. Go see how she's adjusting.

  • Speak to Hawthorne: 0/1

28. Ikora Rey

With renewed purpose, Ikora has resumed her role as head of Vanguard Research. Find her in the Bazaar and see how she's doing.

  • Speak to Ikora: 0/1

29. Amanda Holliday

Amanda Holliday is waiting for you back in the Hangar.

  • Speak to Amanda: 0/1

30. Commander Zavala

The Underwatch is gone, but Commander Zavala is still the head of Vanguard Tactical. Find him in the Courtyard and see how he's doing.

  • Speak to Zavala: 0/1

Version Log

Season 10 Season of the Worthy
  • Modified - 3/9/2020
Season 9 Season of Dawn
  • Modified - 1/27/2020
Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Modified - 11/11/2019
  • Modified - 10/28/2019
  • Added - 9/30/2019


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