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A thumbnail image depicting the Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye

Legendary Global Quest
Return to Lord Shaxx in the Tower.


1. Field of View

Complete the following objectives in Crucible matches to receive the Kinetic Scout Rifle Randy's Throwing Knife. Multikills grant the most efficient progress toward Scout Rifle final blows. Enemies defeated contribute a small amount of progress toward Weapon Medals earned.

  • [Scout Rifle] Final blows: 0/450
  • Glory earned: 0/2100
  • Enemies defeated and medals: 0/14000

2. Eagle Eye

Return to Lord Shaxx in the Tower.

  • : 0/1

Version Log

Season 10 Season of the Worthy
  • Modified - 3/9/2020
Season 9 Season of Dawn
  • Modified - 1/27/2020
Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Modified - 11/11/2019
  • Modified - 10/28/2019
  • Added - 9/30/2019


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