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An in-game render of the Lightkin Cloak.
A thumbnail image depicting the Lightkin Cloak.

Lightkin Cloak

Legendary Hunter Cloak
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// VANNET // CIVILIAN TERMINAL // ENCRYPTION ENABLED // // TRANSMISSION ORIGIN: EUROPA // // AUDIO CONVERSATION LOG—TRANSLATION MODULE ACTIVE // // USER: @BOTZA-GUEST // // USER: @EURFOB // :: Thank you for using VANNET :: :: Your conversation may be recorded :: :: Connecting you with your party // [email protected] :: ---------- @BOTZA-GUEST: Light grace you. @EURFOB: Variks is relieved to hear you, Misraaks. You are there, beneath the Great Machine? @BOTZA-GUEST: Yes. Without your assistance, we would never have survived the Vex attack. @EURFOB: This is clear. And from this gratitude, you now speak in Human language during private correspondence? @BOTZA-GUEST: I follow custom, and I do not wish my hosts to think I hide my words from them. @EURFOB: How gracious. But Vex attacking you when House Salvation did? Curious, yes? @BOTZA-GUEST: I have not had much time to ponder it. @EURFOB: How are the survivors? The hatchlings? Your daughter? @BOTZA-GUEST: They are all well. Eido is excited beyond words. She has dreamed of this day, but never believed it would come. @BOTZA-GUEST: Why did you not come with us? @EURFOB: The Great Machine has no business with Variks. Besides, who would keep an eye on Eramis? @BOTZA-GUEST: I thought she— @EURFOB: Always the hatchling. Nothing is forever. @EURFOB: We know this. [long silence] @BOTZA-GUEST: I must go, Variks. There is much to do. @EURFOB: Walk quietly in your own shadow, Misraakskel.

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Version Log

Season 0
  • Modified - 5/24/2021
Season 14 Season of the Splicer
  • Added - 5/10/2021


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