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An in-game render of the Cenotaph Mask.
A thumbnail image depicting the Cenotaph Mask.

Cenotaph Mask


ACCESS: RESTRICTED DECRYPTION KEY: 45R3431V58PE1-112 HIDDEN AGENT: [REDACTED] RE: Pyramid Exhibits [09:30] Signal's still coming through strong. Initiating log. [09:31] The rest of the team is continuing to formulate a means of analyzing the Pyramid's composition. Chert and I have set up shop near our point of entry in the first gallery. [09:34] Thus far, we haven't been able to establish any common element between the specimens in these chambers. That is, beyond the fact that someone—something—decided they were worth putting under glass. It's an impressively broad collection, as morbid trophies go. [09:40] Looking at a horizontal cross section, about 15 meters long, of a… let's call it a pseudo-mammal. Fibrous strands on the exterior. Could be hair. Some prime masticatory muscles. This thing had a mean bite. [DATA LOST UNABLE TO RETRIEVE] [DATA LOST UNABLE TO RETRIEVE] [ERROR] %#:?0 Anyway, the interesting material is in the scans we're sending along. Chert is getting an energy signature off these remains—biosigns, she says. Could be a Ghost miscalculation, of course. That, or the observer effect is taking a break. I'm looking right at this thing, and there's no way any part of it is still alive. [ERROR] %#:?0 It's been… preserved, for %#:?0— [ERROR] %#:?0 Hey, Chert, was that wall always there? [ERROR] %#:?0 …Chert?

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Version Log

Season 0
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Season 21Season of the Deep
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