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A thumbnail image depicting the Gunsmith Engram.

Gunsmith Engram

Contains a reward for your efforts assisting the Gunsmiths.

Item Statistics

Selecting weapon perks and mods can alter the stats shown below.


Icon depicting Medley-45.
Medley-45 Auto Rifle, Legendary
Icon depicting Sunrise GL4.
Sunrise GL4 Grenade Launcher, Legendary
Icon depicting Impromptu-49.
Impromptu-49 Pulse Rifle, Legendary

Version Log

Season 11 Season of Arrivals
  • Modified - 6/8/2020
Season 9 Season of Dawn
  • Modified - 1/27/2020
Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Modified - 11/11/2019
  • Modified - 9/30/2019
Season 5 Season of the Forge: Black Armory
  • Modified - 1/28/2019
Season 4 Destiny 2: Forsaken
  • Added - 8/31/2018


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