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A thumbnail image depicting the A Disciple's Plea.

A Disciple's Plea

Exotic Global Quest
Complete the adventure "Bug in the System (Heroic)."


1. Evacuation: Io

Meet Asher on Io and tell him Zavala has ordered him to evacuate.

  • Speak with Asher Mir: 0/1

2. Observer Effect

Help Asher investigate the Pyramid's influence on Io: • Collect a sample from Taken Phalanx Barrism in Lost Sector: Sanctum of Bones located in the Rupture close to Asher Mir. • Investigate the chest in Sanctum of Bones. • Collect Traces of Corruption by defeating Taken on Io.

  • Taken Sample: 0/1
  • Lost Sectors: 0/1
  • Traces of Corruption: 0/25

3. Into the Pyramidion

Complete the Pyramidion strike, and collect Scan Traces by defeating Vex anywhere on Io.

  • The Pyramidion: 0/1
  • Scan Traces: 0/40

4. Double Blind

Complete the adventure "Unexpected Guests (Heroic)" to learn what's behind the spike in Taken activity.

  • Unexpected Guests (Heroic): 0/1

5. Fleischman-Aschheim Axiom

Return to Asher with your findings.

  • Speak with Asher Mir: 0/1

6. Evacuation: Titan

Meet Sloane on Titan and tell her Zavala's concerns.

  • Speak with Sloane: 0/1

7. Clearing the Decks

•Defeat Hive Knight Dek-Thra in Lost Sector: Methane Flush located in Siren's Watch near Commander Sloane. •Open the chest in Methane Flush.

  • Hive Knight defeated: 0/1
  • Lost Sectors: 0/1

8. Asset Interception

Open chests protected by Hive Ultras in the Solarium and Festering Halls to claim their Golden Age tech.

  • Tech collected from the Solarium: 0/1
  • Tech collected from the Festering Halls: 0/2

9. Be the Wall

Complete the strike "Savathûn's Song," and defeat Hive Ogres, Wizards, and Knights on Titan to collect Tech Fragments.

  • Savathûn's Song: 0/1
  • Tech Fragments: 0/25

10. The Will of a Titan

Return to Sloane with your report.

  • Speak with Sloane: 0/1

11. Report to Zavala

Return to Zavala for further instructions.

  • Speak with Commander Zavala: 0/1

12. Evacuation: Mercury

Meet Brother Vance on Mercury and tell him Zavala has ordered him to evacuate.

  • Speak with Brother Vance: 0/1

13. A Shattered Future

Complete strike "A Garden World" and defeat Hydras, Minotaurs, and Cyclopses on Mercury to collect Timeline Fractures.

  • Timeline fractures: 0/15
  • A Garden World: 0/1

14. In His Footsteps

Complete strike "Tree of Probabilities" and defeat Cabal on Mercury to collect Traces of Osiris.

  • Traces of Osiris: 0/40
  • Tree of Probabilities: 0/1

15. A Disciple's Plea

Complete the adventure "Bug in the System (Heroic)."

  • Bug in the System (Heroic): 0/1

16. Better Days Ahead

Return to Vance with your findings.

  • Speak with Brother Vance: 0/1

17. Evacuation: Mars

Meet Ana Bray on Mars and tell her Zavala has ordered her to evacuate.

  • Speak with Ana Bray: 0/1

18. Signs of Life

Investigate Mindlab: Rasputin for a signal from Rasputin.

  • Data Log: 0/1

19. Recycled Components

Defeat bosses in Escalation Protocol to collect pieces of Rasputin's shattered frame.

  • Rasputin Frame Pieces: 0/5

20. Signal Shielding

Complete the adventure "Deathly Tremors (Heroic)" to stop the Hive interference.

  • Deathly Tremors (Heroic): 0/1

21. Force Reboot

Return to Ana with your findings.

  • Speak with Ana Bray: 0/1

22. Report to Zavala

Return to Zavala in the Tower.

  • Speak with Commander Zavala: 0/1

Version Log

Season 12 Season of the Hunt
  • Deleted - 11/9/2020
Season 11 Season of Arrivals
  • Added - 6/8/2020


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