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An in-game render of the Lightkin Bond.
A thumbnail image depicting the Lightkin Bond.

Lightkin Bond

Legendary Warlock Bond
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// VANNET // CIVILIAN TERMINAL // ENCRYPTION ENABLED // // TRANSMISSION ORIGIN: EUROPA // // AUDIO CONVERSATION LOG—TRANSLATION MODULE ACTIVE // // USER: @BOTZA-GUEST // // USER: @EURFOB // :: Thank you for using VANNET :: :: Your conversation may be recorded :: :: Connecting you with your party // [email protected] :: ---------- @EURFOB: Misraakskel knows what time it is on Europa, yes? @BOTZA-GUEST: My apologies, Variks. @EURFOB: No apologies. Own choices, yes? Do better. @EURFOB: What is Misraakskel seeking? @BOTZA-GUEST: Perspective. @EURFOB: [insect-like chattering] @BOTZA-GUEST: I know. I am finding myself at odds with an Exo, a leader of humanity. She does not trust our kind, and I fear what may come of her intolerance. @EURFOB: Trust is earned, yes? @BOTZA-GUEST: This is different. Blunt. Cold. @BOTZA-GUEST: She does not wish to give trust. There is no transaction. Just… anger. @EURFOB: Variks knows this. Variks also remembers Misraakskel as a soft-shelled hatchling, always mewling. Always wishing to make friends, even with the older Dregs who would push him over. @EURFOB: Misraakskel, always trying. @BOTZA-GUEST: Is peace not worth trying for? @EURFOB: With those who accept peace in their hearts? Yes. @EURFOB: Some only know war. Only want war. @EURFOB: Not all battles can be won with words. @BOTZA-GUEST: Then, what? I cannot strike at her. It would confirm all of the Humans' worst fears. @EURFOB: This is where Misraakskel and Variks differ. But perhaps… also where we are similar. @EURFOB: Do you trust any of the Humans? @BOTZA-GUEST: Yes. Some. @EURFOB: With your life? [long silence] @BOTZA-GUEST: Some. @EURFOB: There is Misraakskel's perspective. @BOTZA-GUEST: Thank you, Variks. @EURFOB: Do not thank Variks yet. The day is long, but the night is longer.

Item Statistics

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Version Log

Season 0
  • Modified - 5/24/2021
Season 14 Season of the Splicer
  • Added - 5/10/2021


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