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Fighting Lion

Exotic Grenade Launcher Void
Review Rating
"I call it the Zhang Fei. It hits almost as hard as I do." —Wei Ning Read Lore

Wei Ning punched the mountain. It moved. A microscopic shudder, but enough to make her punch it again. “They're just angry that you keep winning without a gun.” Her Ghost danced fretfully around her fist. “That's why they say these things. Jealousy.” “I tell you,” Ning grunted, shattering granite, “someday they'll lose their smart guns and fancy ships, and then they'll wish they'd listened! There's one weapon you can always count on, and it's your strong hand.” “Eriana would be sad to hear you dismissing machines.” Her Ghost bobbed slyly up to her shoulder. “Eriana would ask if those mighty hands could build a machine in the image of your strength. Just like she was made in the image of a woman.” Wei Ning tapped her fists together. “Huh,” she said.

PvP Insights

Usage 0.197% #101
Kills 0.199% #93
Headshots 0.00000% #421

Item Statistics

Selecting weapon perks and mods can alter the stats shown below.

Blast Radius
Reload Speed
Rounds/Min 72
Magazine 1
Aim Assistance
Inventory Size 0
Recoil Direction

Version Log

Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Modified - 9/30/2019
Season 7 Season of the Opulence: Penumbra
  • Modified - 5/31/2019
Season 6 Season of the Drifter: Joker's Wild
  • Modified - 3/4/2019
Season 5 Season of the Forge: Black Armory
  • Modified - 1/28/2019
  • Modified - 11/30/2018
Season 4 Destiny 2: Forsaken
  • Modified - 10/11/2018
  • Modified - 9/17/2018
  • Modified - 8/31/2018
  • Modified - 8/27/2018
Season 3 Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind
  • Modified - 6/26/2018
  • Modified - 6/25/2018
  • Modified - 5/23/2018
  • Modified - 5/15/2018
  • Modified - 5/7/2018
Season 2 Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris
  • Modified - 4/3/2018
  • Modified - 2/6/2018
  • Modified - 1/23/2018
  • Modified - 12/11/2017
  • Modified - 12/4/2017
Season 1 Destiny 2 Release
  • Modified - 11/14/2017
  • Modified - 10/18/2017
  • Added - 9/5/2017


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5 hours ago on Steam
17 hours ago on Steam
19 hours ago on Steam
21 hours ago on Steam
An interesting weapon. It's hard to get start,but powerful when you know how to use it. In PVE,it can cause high dmg each grenade and kill can give you nearly Infinite white ammo. In PVP,it masterwork tells that you should bring a Quickdraw perk main weapon and try one grenade one time switch weapon.In fact if enemy don't have shields,every grenade can cause one kill if enemy in the Blast Radius
1 day ago on Steam
1 day ago on PlayStation
2 days ago on Steam
2 days ago on Steam
2 days ago on Steam
3 days ago on Steam
I've had this thing for a week, and I can't figure out a place for it. The reload time is super long after every single shot, and the grenades bounce so much it's hard to place them. I can imagine someone better than me finding a way to use it
4 days ago on Steam
Surprisingly strong in PvE, never need to worry about ammo and if you learn how to time your detinations and how to bounce it off surfaces to hit your targets you'll be mopping the floor with enemies.
5 days ago on Xbox
6 days ago on Steam
Run it with anything with high handling, and you can easily boom-tap-tap any single enemy in PvP. Once you learn the timings and the angles, the near-endless ammunition and automatic reloads will keep you going for quite some time.
6 days ago on Steam
6 days ago on Steam
For massive cleanup weak mobs, not bad in PvP (good AoE, ricochet).
1 week ago on Steam
1 week ago on Xbox
With decent aim, the near-endless ammo makes this amazing. Great in crucible
1 week ago on Steam
People are idiots. Learn how to use this effectively and you'll LOVE it. the issue is people dont take the time to master the skill to use it. JUM - FIRE - TIME YOUR DETONATION ON GROUPS - OR FIRE TO THE FACE OF YELLOW BARS. This thing is unmatched for clearing adds. Pair with a scout for Chimera also.Truly is my favorite and go to weapon
1 week ago on Steam
1 week ago on Steam
Amazing against groups, and pretty much infinite ammo. Even against single targets it is still pretty great.
1 week ago on PlayStation
Funnest weapon I’ve ever used and actually good with the masterwork
1 week ago on Steam
1 week ago on Steam
so, i hit 100k+ pve and 10k+ pvp kills with this before shadowkeep launch, per charlemagne. it's still the champ if you're willing to practice with it. learn to preload (press R as soon as your nade comes out - this bugs out sometimes if you fire in a slide or something, just stop and wait after the next reload to reset it), learn which kinetics pair best with it (high handling, i still use new city w/74 range a lot), and learn to bounce with it. walls, floors, ceilings, everything. and most of all, ignore/enjoy the hatemail, or remind them how much aim assist *their* gun has.
1 week ago on Steam
fun to use but is meh at best for pretty much everything. The catalyst doesn't do much. In pvp it takes at least 2 shots with it to kill, coupled with the reload time is hard unless you ambush enemies. the only thing it has going for it is that it uses primary ammo and bounces. If you are trying to get kills with it only use it on low health enemies.
1 week ago on Xbox

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