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An in-game render of the Eidolon Shell.
A thumbnail image depicting the Eidolon Shell.

Eidolon Shell

Exotic Ghost Shell
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//OWL COMM-chat4: Opn, Log, Midas-003// //Archival Access Designation: VG-GREEN// OWL-3-RaGo: Camrin, I read the report you sent on the link established between the Leviathan and the Lunar Pyramid. Some of these details are alarming. OWL-7-CaDu: It concerns me, that's for sure. There's almost a direct 1:1 transaction correlation between data leaving the Leviathan—a great deal of it, mind you—and the psychoactive Pyramid projections we're seeing flood INTO the Leviathan. OWL-3-RaGo: If that's true, then the material destabilizations we're seeing from the Leviathan… the Pyramid may be the source for all of it. OWL-7-CaDu: Do we have an updated ETA on the Leviathan spectral analysis from the H.E.L.M.? That might give us some additional answers. OWL-3-RaGo: Forty-five percent of the analysis remains… not surprising, though—the Leviathan is quite large. In the meantime, we should contact Lab-C for updates on Eg-999. I'm curious to see what, if any, connection exists to the Pyramid. OWL-1-ShLi: I've got some bad news there. The analysis can't be completed. OWL-3-RaGo: What? Why? OWL-1-ShLi: Safety protocols, repeated containment breaches. All Earth-side lab samples of the egregore fungus were incinerated. OWL-3-RaGo: … OWL-1-ShLi: BUT a certain Hidden contact, Eris Morn, has informed me that the fungus is similar to a synapse within a nervous system. She claims it is a physical manifestation of the Darkness, like Stasis. But unlike Stasis, it appears to be an "impure" manifestation—her words, not mine. OWL-7-CaDu: There are a lot of implications there. OWL-1-ShLi: Morn never delivers a lack of implications with her theories. In any case, I suggest we make a note and move on for now. Our best path to understanding is still a spectral analysis of the signals the Leviathan is throwing out and deciphering their meaning.

Version Log

Season 17 Season of the Haunted
  • Added - 5/23/2022


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