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An in-game render of the Karnstein Armlets.
A thumbnail image depicting the Karnstein Armlets.

Karnstein Armlets

Exotic Gauntlets
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“You are mine, you shall be mine, you and I are one for ever.” Read Lore

As you test the armlet, a regal voice sounds in your mind. “Listen! I made this armlet to help you in your quests. Will you help me in mine? “I remember a woman from my first life. I remember she was mine, my love, my wife. And I was hers, her love, her wife. I remember nothing else except the hole in my heart. I live in hope that she, too, has been reincarnated somewhere on this new Earth. “I built this armlet with a neuromech trawl. It will scour whatever mind it touches, flesh or machine, for any hint of my beloved. The trawl will drink power to feed you. And if anyone you touch has seen my wife, the trawl will know. If, only and ever if, I have remembered her truly.”

Item Statistics

Selecting weapon perks and mods can alter the stats shown below.


Version Log

Season 11 Season of Arrivals
  • Modified - 6/8/2020
Season 10 Season of the Worthy
  • Modified - 3/9/2020
Season 9 Season of Dawn
  • Modified - 1/27/2020
  • Modified - 12/9/2019
Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Modified - 11/11/2019
  • Modified - 10/28/2019
  • Added - 9/30/2019


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4 months ago on Steam
Very good for survive, Kill little Mob and regen
4 months ago on Steam
Very good for survive, Kill little Mob and regen
5 months ago on Xbox
If you really want to be this tanky you should probably just run bottom tree voidwalker. The two together is overkill, and these with any other subclass doesn't really justify the slot
5 months ago on Steam
5 months ago on Steam
5 months ago on Xbox
5 months ago on Steam
6 months ago on Steam
Is almost a year i use those and they are awesome if you want a more "tanky" (and melee) Warlock. They saved me countless times in many situations. They really shine when you are swarmed by gazillion of small mobs. If you really want to overkill, pair them with the bottom Void class for an almost "i'm unkillable" feel. If your playstyle is long distance killer, dont use them
6 months ago on Xbox
6 months ago on Steam
Универсальная вещь. Получил слишком много урона и спрятаться негде - найди крипа или почти добитого врага. Это лучший вариант выжить в окружении крипов, переагрив их также на себя.
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