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An in-game render of the Elatha FR4.
A thumbnail image depicting the Elatha FR4.

Elatha FR4

Legendary Fusion Rifle Solar
Review Rating
The sun shines on both joy and grief.

PvP Insights

Usage 0.00100% #432
Kills 0.00100% #424
Headshots 0.00000% #385

Item Statistics

Selecting weapon perks and mods can alter the stats shown below.

Reload Speed
Charge Time 1000
Magazine 5
Aim Assistance
Inventory Size
Recoil Direction

Version Log

Season 0
  • Modified - 9/13/2021
Season 15 Season of the Lost
  • Modified - 8/23/2021
Season 14 Season of the Splicer
  • Modified - 5/24/2021
  • Modified - 5/10/2021
Season 13 Season of the Chosen
  • Modified - 4/19/2021
  • Modified - 2/8/2021
Season 12 Season of the Hunt
  • Modified - 11/9/2020
Season 11 Season of Arrivals
  • Modified - 6/8/2020
Season 10 Season of the Worthy
  • Modified - 3/9/2020
Season 9 Season of Dawn
  • Modified - 1/27/2020
  • Added - 12/9/2019


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1 year ago on Steam
it's erentil with a touch that makes it feel nicer
1 year ago on Steam
1 year ago on Steam
1 year ago on Steam
oh yeah
1 year ago on PlayStation
This thing can get crazy impact! If you were looking for a closer ranged alternative to erentil, this is what you were looking for. Mine hits for over 6000 damage!
1 year ago on PlayStation
if you get quickdraw backup plan welp everyones fucked
1 year ago on PlayStation
Solar Erentil, rolled with backup plan and firmly planted. I prefer it over my Erentil..
1 year ago on Xbox
God roll is TOXIC... I love it!
1 year ago on Xbox
God roll is TOXIC... I love it!
1 year ago on Steam
I really dig this fusion! I had not looked at anything on since The Dawning dropped, didn't know this was coming back and if I did I wouldn't have cared since I had no previous attachment to it and I never used the static roll in year one. Particle repeater/No Distractions/Backup Plan Range MW = I am happy!
1 year ago on Steam
1 year ago on PlayStation
It's a Solar Erentil!!! BEAST!!!
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