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An in-game render of the Pharmakos Shell.
A thumbnail image depicting the Pharmakos Shell.

Pharmakos Shell

ExoticGhost Shell

A little flock of unpaired Ghosts shivered and murmured together in their luminous cage. Their chitinous shells clacked together as they huddled. When their queen opened their cage, the Ghosts shied back. "Come now," Savathûn said. Cloying. Vicious. "The Light belongs to all of us. And aren't you curious?" They didn't move. Only stared at her and the litter of Ghost shells behind her. She changed tack. "The others wanted the Traveler to be safe. Don't you want that, too?" They did. That's all they wanted. One Ghost shifted forward. The others tried to close ranks and keep it with them. It pushed forward. The needle-fingered one reached out, and the Ghost floated willingly into her claws.

Version Log

Season 24Episode: Echoes
  • Modified -
Season 23Season of the Wish
  • Modified -
  • Modified -
Season 22Season of the Witch
  • Modified -
  • Added -


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