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Re: Exotic Bounties Post-DLC (Dec 9th and After) [quote=judyboyRI]@Enochrewt - that's a great idea - saves 7 strange coins for both exotics. Did you
Re: Exotic Bounties Post-DLC (Dec 9th and After) The day before they announced the more powerful exotics I started a second Thorn bounty and a Second
Re: Dear Raiders at the Tower I've told all my friends this. Don't send me a game invite if you just want to find out if I want t
Re: [Site News] Update Preview: The Dark Below 12/3/2014 I would also like to know what the deal with the commendations is. I love this game, and I play it
Re: Network Optimization for Fewer Errors Good Post. I'd like to ask whether this is for the Xbox One or the 360. I hadn't heard that ho
Re: [Site News] Xur - Agent of the nine 21/11/2014 [quote=I D3FIN3 3LIT3][[email protected]]Lol Xur has something you need you say... MIDA
Re: Stealth Nerf to Thorn unintentional Yep, Thorn got Nerfed. To get specific, the hits still damage the same (84 or for a headshot and 56
Re: Ranking up for Vanguard and Crucible too slow? No, neither are too slow. They're supposed to be for the life of the game, so why should you be ab
Re: [Site News] Hunter Gunslinger Guide I'd like to add that while "Circle of Life" is the worst option for the Golden Gun, it's the best op
Re: [Site News] Destiny Halloween 'Pumpkin Head wear' - & Other new items! I' m confused. I have an S-32C Sparrow. Does that upgrade? Did I just waste 175 Crucible marks and
Re: Shaders and Ghost Shells Did you get the Grimoire Card Ghost? That's the only othe Ghost shell in the game that I've seen. S
Re: What class do you think needs a nerf? I don't think any classes as a whole need to be balanced. There's certain things that I feel like s
Re: [Site News] Hotfix 14th October! [b]I don't feel like I'm missing more shots. I wonder how other people feel their Regime is beha
Re: [Site News] Hotfix 14th October! [b]My Regime feels like it hasn't changed much. Damage in PvE is noticeably less, but not to the poi
Re: [Site News] Hotfix 14th October! I'm pretty glad the Mythoclast is being nerfed. I don't have a problem if it's really good close, l
Re: Favorite Crucible Maps? Hello! I've been lurking around here for a bit, and I was actually going to make a Crucible Strat

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