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An in-game render of the Sparagmos.
A thumbnail image depicting the Sparagmos.



The Arc crystal hung in the air, crackling and spitting with energy. Savathûn inspected it: no fractures, no unstable charges pouring from unseen fissures. When she ran a claw down its surface, she could feel static bolt down her arm. Savathûn turned to her assembled brood. "You," she said, and a Lucent Hive Knight advanced to kneel before his queen. Suddenly his fellow Hive descended upon him, tearing at his chitin, pulling apart his flesh. When Savathûn reached out and crushed his Ghost, a burst of crystalline Light erupted from its remains, the energy arranging itself into a triclinic lattice. This crystal pulsed with Void Light. "And you." An Acolyte whose eyes gleamed with vital, endless fire stepped forward and bowed.

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