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Re: Games, kills, etc... gone An issue was discovered in Bungie's API; they are estimating a fix will be deployed sometime Monday.
Re: Winning consistently but ELO still going down!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Elo formulae differences between our end and GG are minimal, but keep in mind that their score will
Re: DTR Elo [quote=Ur DlDacta]"Free for all" if you are second or third should increase your points, but that is
Re: DTR Elo [quote=DeaTHrone30]I don't think this is fair because I do really good in mayhem clash but my elo dr
Re: DTR Elo [quote=Dominater403]hi [/quote] Hello.
Re: DTR TrueSkill [quote=hjenx]lol I went from 44 to 40 true skill and diamond 1 to silver 1 in one day. What a joke o
Re: DTR Elo [quote=Wolverine499]So I asked a question regarding elo & was directed without much of an answer bes
Re: DTR Elo [quote=gintellectual]Quick question, how does the JIP reporting work? Does bungie api report on scor
Re: DTR Elo [quote=Everton Cardoso Acchetta]Is there a reason why the elo score isn't updating since 23th?[/quot
Re: DTR Elo [quote=Vinni-K]Got myself to 1485 elo rumble which placed me at 19th, had to win over 24 games today
Re: DTR Rank and the Introduction of Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) [quote=RioT650][quote=Darkened Night]Bungie is planning on making some changes to their API in the c
Re: Mercy Ruled games show DNF, but that isn't entirely accurate. Interesting. Has this happened to you in any other matches? I'm wondering if this is a recurring iss
Re: DTR Rank and the Introduction of Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) [quote=Hey Im Swat]Can I just point out that you're not actually? You're only ranked XXX on a site.
Re: DTR Rank and the Introduction of Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) Bungie is planning on making some changes to their API in the coming weeks. When this hits, we'll de
Re: Regional Leaderboards Issue Thanks for remaining patient throughout. We're somewhat short staffed on development, so its common
Re: DTR Elo [quote=shootyshoots]A few questions: -Can we have varying K-factors now please? -How do fireteams
Re: Is the Calcified Fragments monitor glitched? DestinyTracker can only see which fragments you recieved across all three character, not individuall
Re: Stats not recorded for at least one day on my account Rolling K/D day cutoffs use the UTC time zone. So if you play on the East Coast, for example, any ga
Re: My Elo dropped 28 points in one game help! wtf All disconnects will count as quits, we have this in effect to punish players who leave their games.
Re: DTR Elo [quote=cgamid]How do you link ELO score with I saw a player there who had his ELO sc
Re: DTR Elo [quote=Warhawk XBL]Spartan Racing League? Typo? LoL[/quote] Xorth and I both keep doing that, kid
Re: DTR Score Error I've responded to your post in the Site Score help thread. Please reply either there or through pers
Re: DTR Site Score [quote=AstDroid]A player PSN: [Taken] jumped to the top of the PSN leaderboards for DTR score some t
Re: PS4 Acct Linking Trouble When I visit and search for your PSN, I don't find any matches. Are you sure you are spel
Re: Oh tilt, you can be so jaded This tends to happen to most players who play a lot in most, if not all multiplayer experiences (inc
Re: Regional Leaderboards Issue Just to make sure, have you clicked the 'yes' on the red alert message that says "Are the above resu
Re: Weapons used not displayed [quote=Carlinesque522 ]Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best answer. It certainly is in this c
Re: DTR Elo [quote=MoneyMikePMZ]First I want to say I love what you guys are doing and keep up the hard work. I
Re: Destiny stat errors [quote=D89C]It states i have more than 3 players and my stats never update no matter how many times
Re: Weapons used not displayed [quote=Carlinesque522 ]In the past when I viewed a game, the weapons used and their stats would disp
Re: Something Wrong? [quote=DiffizzIe]I have read the 'help thread' link, I will have to keep my losses down to 1 or 2 pe
Re: Something Wrong? Site Score becomes harder to accrue as your site score increases; while there technically is no limi
Re: DTR Score? [quote=narcosys]It is obvious that dtr does not reflect true skill but rather who can grind it the m
Re: Where my captures gone? I'm not seeing any sort of discrepancy with your games played. Is there any specific values that you
Re: Cant Send Messages Thru Xbox Live [quote=maxpain09]every time I click to message somebody thru xbox live I get a Xbox live error messa
Re: Fixing linked accounts? [quote=MCOmill]I cannot get my Gamer Tag to link to my account. It used to be but now is not and wh
Re: [Site News] DestinyTracker Elo! [quote=Foxintoxx]Who's to be credited for those cool ghost emblems ? Cause they look really sweat ,
Re: DTR Elo [quote=wilcohalo]Awesome thanks! Does this also includes mayhem rumble or only rumble?[/quote] M
Re: DTR Elo [quote=wilcohalo]I cant see my elo for rumble and some other gametypes.[/quote] Rumble Elo releas
Re: DTR Elo [quote=wilcohalo]DestinyTracker calculates your Elo for each Crucible playlist. I cant see my elo f
Re: [Site News] DestinyTracker Elo! [quote=DiffizzIe]Will this be separated by console or added to the DestinyTracker Leaderboard List/P
Re: DTR Elo [quote=FullSpe3D]This is fine for team games, but surely this should be the other way round for Rumb
Re: DTR Elo [quote=BRUTALBREAKD0WN]Other than searching through the leaderboards, how can I check my elo for spe
[Site News] DestinyTracker Elo! [center][img][/img][/center] You asked, and we answered. Today, Des
DTR Elo [center][img][/img][/center] [color=#36dda4][size=24px]Introduction
Re: Good day, Trackers! Sorry for the late clarification; if you think of any other questions, feel free to shoot me a PM an
Re: [Update Stats Bug] I can't update my stats [quote=TriKStaH NL]I hope so too, because I still have problems with this. Haven't been able to upd
Re: i cant see my stats [quote=oMRNOOBIEGUY]It says i need to link my account and it already is what do i do? [/quote] S
Re: KD spread is stuck [quote=Alter2332]For months now, my KD has been stuck at 1.89. Months. It has the green up arrow say
Re: Good day, Trackers! The first number is for your specific class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock) placement. The following, large

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