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Re: Highest K/D in a PvP game? [Post Yours Here] 20:1 on Pantheon... didn't die till I went super at the end and wiped their entire team out, and the
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? Joined KSI, thus KSI, I'm a furry and my full name wouldn't fit... so JaxtheSkunk had to do.
DTR/TS by character I know we already have differentiated stats per character, but the overall score still combines them
Re: Opening 25 legendary engrams and 3 exotics video That energy and shards.... ugh... Also Patience and Time from one... just wtf lol
Re: True Skill Not Updating I was wondering about this myself... seems kinda annoying that if you don't win you don't progress m
Re: [Site News] Destinytracker Population Statistics That average K/D though.... jesus christ...
Re: VOG Professionals??? Or Noobs???? 2.0 k/d in PVP? Good fucking luck. Your post makes you sound like a pretentious prick. I have
Re: Faction shaders and how to get them Entirely up to RNG... I've read on reddit of level 20+ with a faction not receiving one.
Re: Raid tips for first timer. Remember in the raid to use only your most leveled weapons, they NEED to be level 300 to do enough d
Re: Dear Raiders at the Tower Yup... you send me an invite when I don't know you... being ignored. Send a mass message to me witho
Re: [Site News] Signature Generator Online! [quote=Tyyger][center][url=] [img]
Re: Iron Banner weapons and what to roll for. [GUIDE] The low ammo on the HMG is still annoying since other HMGs with similar impact and stability offer l
Re: Super Black Shader??? [quote=Darkraver]i heard the same as Wurm. had to be rank 10 in dead-orbit. what i am aiming for my
Re: To Raiders on here. [quote=Daimyon][quote=I D3FIN3 3LIT3]The way I see it if most of your armor and all of your weapons
Re: Tired of Horrible Team Mates in Iron Banner? Running solo with randoms is beyond annoying. I have a 1.8 k/d and 2.2 with assists, wouldn't min
Re: To Raiders on here. [quote=Swat][quote=Jaxinc] Lastly if anyone looks at my profile or K/D Hunter = me Warlock = fian
R: True Skill by Class I share my account between my fiance and room mate... and after my room mate tanking my true skill a
To Raiders on here. I've tried running with people on here for raids and had very mixed results... most were terrible...

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