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I just want to do everything Destiny has to offer and be good at it.

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Re: [Site News] Bungie Weekly Update - 24th June - Part 1 [quote=Hey Im Swat][/quote] More like "Hey Im Salt"
Re: The Scholar (Adept) is the New Best Void Primary? The Scholar (void) is the best void primary. Best Arc: Fatebringer. Best Solar: Vision of Confluence
Re: All Exotic Items From HoW - Including 3D Render Viewer [quote=Chiller][quote=Eift][quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=Volph]I need that shotgun[/quote] Said every
Re: Destiny Modifiers Guide [quote=Morarn][quote=Radical Scopez]The Crota's End scout rifle also has arc burn. [url=http://db.
Re: [Site News] Destinytracker LFG Guide [quote=dizzydove]#lfg #lvl 31 titam[/quote] At least you tried. :| and uh... titan*
Re: Week 24 Weekly Nightfall & Heroic Info! I probably won't do this week's nightfall not because it is too difficult but there is nothing else
Re: Destiny Modifiers Guide The Crota's End scout rifle also has arc burn. [url=
Re: What will Xur Sell tomorrow?(Speculation) [quote=SicWidit87 PS4][quote=skyman100]Xur has been fairly disappointing lately with what he is sell
Re: What will Xur Sell tomorrow?(Speculation) [quote=Morarn]Look, the most Xur has sold a single weapon is 2 or 3 times in a pool of ~~15(?) this
Re: What will Xur Sell tomorrow?(Speculation) Xur is NOT random. There are many things that prove that Xur is not random especially the fact that
Re: What will Xur Sell tomorrow?(Speculation) Im not hoping but I believe he will sell the new hunter helmet along with the other DLC exotics that
Re: What is Destiny's Rarest loot? [quote=Bane][/quote]Even though Xur hasnt sold the thunderlord or hardlight I feel like they are bot
Re: What is Destiny's Rarest loot? Honestly the Crux Of Crota/Necrochasm is pretty rare. Also, a lot of the faction rewards are rare be
Re: Question regarding Hard Mode raids When you complete a checkpoint on hard mode without playing normal mode that week you get the reward
Re: Weekly Strike - 01/27/2015 I'm tired of seeing the will of crota for nightfall but at least we have all burns to make it easier
Re: Efrideet's Spear is Overpowered The main problem with the sniper is the final round perk w/ the three round magazine. It allows tras
Re: Crucible Gameplay - Would love feedback Not a bad montage at all. [color=#000000]☺[/color] It might sound stupid at first but I would reco
Re: [Site News] Crota's End Hard Mode - World's First Clear. I think it was the third team who beat it on stream and called out the first team that they cheesed
Re: [Site News] Crota's End Hard Mode - World's First Clear. I heard that even though OD was undeniably the first group to beat the hard mode its believed that t
Re: Crota Hard Mode Tips and Information!! -=- Research -=- Nice post man. You might want to add that the chests and the Deathsinger do not reward you if you ha
Re: Oversoul (hard mode raid) Its pretty obvious to anyone who can read but the raid helmet increases damage during oversoul and t
Re: exotic bounties There is more information about Exotic bounties here: [url=
Re: OSIRIS tournament I heard you have to get invited into the Trials of Osiris but after you lose three or so times you g
Re: Bungie Weekly Update - 1/15/15 Yassssssssssssss :D
Re: Crota's End Solo - Flawless Raider Did he at least get the achievement?
Re: i am a noob [color=#FF0000]BEWARE WALL OF TEXT[/color] Recently the best way to get high light level gear is to
Re: Vex Mythoclast Assessment I would agree with this " assessment" for the most part but i believe the mag is only 36 or so after
Re: Dlc sharen I think he is just asking for someone to share the dlc with him :| smh
Re: [Site News] Xur - Agent of the Nine 12/12/2014 Are the upgrades free and they just reset your progress or how do they work? [color=#0000FF]Edit:[/
Re: Crota's Raid "Cross the Bridge" tip Not so much a tip as an explanation of the section but still helpful
Re: [Site News] Destinytracker Population Statistics Instead of just editing my last post I decided to just make a new one. Here are a few [color=#FF000
Re: [Site News] Destinytracker Population Statistics I have a couple of idea already and even though some of them are so-so I feel like I should list mos
Re: VOG Professionals??? Or Noobs???? I have three 30's a mic and a 2.something KD but I already run the raid with multiple other groups s
Re: [Site News] Destiny Update adds 35 Activities, 7 Activity types, 230 Items! I looked over almost all of the new armor and nothing seems to have additional upgrades for light so
Re: Weapon balancing in PvP vs PvE .
Re: Weapon balancing in PvP vs PvE R.I.P.
Weapon balancing in PvP vs PvE What do you guys think about how weapons are balanced in Destiny? I personally do not like the id
Re: Your AVG Kills/Game, What's Norm/Good/Excellent? [color=#CC0000]My best KD is 28.00 and my highest kills in one game is 40. I mainly only play Skri
Re: Will you stop playing Destiny when new games come? I'm going to and have already bought new games since Destiny's launch and even though I "slow down"
Re: New Game Modes (Crucible) I would like to see a "bare bones" type game mode with no supers, no grenades or heavy ammo and mayb
Re: Highest K/D in a PvP game? [Post Yours Here] My highest KD was 28 and 0 (probably) but my highest number of kills in a single game was 40.

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