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A thumbnail image depicting the Shadowkeep Exotics.

Shadowkeep Exotics

Exotics released during Destiny 2 - Year 3.


Icon depicting Eriana's Vow.
Eriana's Vow Hand Cannon, Exotic


Exotic Gear
Icon depicting Leviathan's Breath.
Leviathan's Breath Combat Bow, Exotic
Icon depicting Eriana's Vow.
Eriana's Vow Hand Cannon, Exotic
Icon depicting Bastion.
Bastion Fusion Rifle, Exotic
Icon depicting Symmetry.
Symmetry Scout Rifle, Exotic
Icon depicting Devil's Ruin.
Devil's Ruin Sidearm, Exotic
Icon depicting Tommy's Matchbook.
Tommy's Matchbook Auto Rifle, Exotic
Icon depicting The Fourth Horseman.
The Fourth Horseman Shotgun, Exotic
Icon depicting Witherhoard.
Witherhoard Grenade Launcher, Exotic
Icon depicting Ruinous Effigy.
Ruinous Effigy Trace Rifle, Exotic
Icon depicting Traveler's Chosen.
Traveler's Chosen Sidearm, Exotic

Version Log

Season 13 Season of the Chosen
  • Modified - 2/8/2021
Season 12 Season of the Hunt
  • Modified - 11/12/2020
  • Added - 11/9/2020


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