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I'm a bee

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Runswithduck Hal Atheon Times Conflux Hi Im Swat Auto Pwii Vek 2 0 Vek CodcasterYT VerruckterSchakal Feral wolf MegaSword Demon Bane Darkened Lynx Tziah79 Disrespctfully Liar Hammiam Halo 4 Mathiadon TheBigL M Avy llferoll Sorge SAINTS ENDER
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Re: DTR Site Score [quote=Bo Solaris][quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=Bo Solaris]What is the difference between 'DTR Score' an
Re: Leaderboards [quote=DwightFryebrain][quote=Hey Im Swat]Hi, I don't think that's ever been a feature of our lea
Re: Regional Leaderboards Issue [quote=xxEVILMONKYxx][quote=Darkened Night]Just to make sure, have you clicked the 'yes' on the red
Re: PSN already linked [quote=wondershawn]Hello everyone. I'm trying to link my PSN (ShawnSwan) to my account. But it says
Re: Linked XBOX Account...even without an Xbox. Need to Link PSN instead [quote=Preston King][quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=Preston King] [/quote] You will need to send a PSN
Re: Introduce Yourself [quote=VuduXBL]Hello! I am Vudu, or B... call me either:) I am a YouTuber and love the game Destiny,
Re: Issues with my username. [quote= ManSkyy]I've recently changed my Gamer Tag and tried changing my account settings on a brows
Re: Deleting character on PS4: are that character's stats then subtracted from DTR profile? [quote=dthuna][mention]TheBigL[/mention]: you're too kind, bud. Thank you for all the help so far an
Re: Create Your Personalised Destiny Game Trailer here! - Legend Of You! Apparently you can't make a trailer if you are level 3.
Re: Too soon to refresh stats? [quote=The HM02]I've waited 3 days and whenever I check to see my Destiny stats it says "too soon to
Re: How Should DTR TrueSkill Transition into Year Two? [quote=Darkened Night] The big difference between DestinyTracker and League of Legends is the lack
Re: How Should DTR TrueSkill Transition into Year Two? Why can't we have both grades and an increased level cap? If you really want to differentiate the go
Re: Search Layout Request [quote=Darkened Night]I'm guessing that Xorth is using [url=]Bootstr
Re: I can't update my gamer tag [quote=Big Irish 42]It says my gamertag is "Big Irish42" in the settings and when I go to update it
Re: Leadership Boards [quote=Havoc lu]Do 360 and One players share leadership boards? As in, will I still be where I'm ran
Re: Deleting profile [quote=DarkLegion28]Just wondering if you can delete the profile and re join? as i can access my sta
Re: How do I get my stats to show? [quote=Synahgee]for some odd reason i cannot find the console tags button, i know this comment IS a
Re: How do I get my stats to show? Double post
Re: DTR cannot find my stats [quote=Manny82]I have linked my gamer tag with my account, however still having "not finding stats e
Re: Stats from 5/10/15 not displaying [quote=jemurdock29]Hi, I am not seeing any stats from 5/10. I only played 7 crucible matches but I
House of Wolves Reveal Teaser - Prison of Elders [youtube]gUz8ajMDAmw[/youtube] Wednesday, May 06, 11AM Pacific. Join Bungie and special community
Re: New Feature - Forum Mentions [mention]xorth[/mention] Will I get notifications for anyone whose name starts with B?
Re: [HOW DO I] Signature...use PvE stats instead of PvP This is actually a really good idea, as I'm sure plenty of players hardly play the PvP (for various
Re: LFG - You're better off in chat [quote=vNeroh]Hi wanna do Croat Norman ?[/quote] Is he hot?
Re: Option for Player Page [quote=Tyyger] Obviously up to Z and stuff, but would something like this work for you then? (Top
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? B is the best letter in the world
Re: DTR Stats by clan [quote=Destro]thanks for the reply. In looking at my crucible stats it does list the clan that I'm i
Re: How to un-hide chat box? [quote=KillerMustang64]My friend was messing around on my computer and he hide the chat boxes, no i
Re: no chat [quote=rabbit55][/quote] It's possible you have the chat set to hidden. To change this, go to your
Re: What did you get for Christmas? I got: Clothes Guardians of the Galaxy Candy Money
Re: Submit your Destiny Clips here! [quote=SwantE]6 piece with a fusion rifle lol, i gotta be featured lol
Re: Post Your Picture [quote=Sorge]Hello, ladies. [img][/img][/quote] God damn that's hot
Re: [Site News] Destiny Player Spotlight - Baconators Live [quote=TheBigL]Baconators currently is the first and ONLY player to have earned three [b]HTR[/b] Tru
Request: Clickable Names in Group List [url][/url] Is it possible for usernames to link to their respe
Lost Reputation I dropped from 47 rep to 28 rep in 2 days, but my reputation history doesn't show me losing any.
Re: Desktop wallpapers [img][/img]
Re: Shit gamers say If you kill someone: "Get pwned noob." If someone kills you: "Get a life, kid." If everyone kills
Post Your Picture Simple enough, post a picture of yourself. Me on a horse when I was 6 or 7 I'll go first: [spoil
Re: Funny Chat lines [quote=Darkened Lynx][IMG][/IMG][/quote] Not exactly what I was tal
Re: Site request - newest post button on all threads [quote=xorth][quote=Sengir79]Need a newest post button for all threads, having to constantly scroll
Re: Introduce Yourself [quote=Sengir79]I'm Sengir, most of you know me, but those that don't will get used to seeing me in
Request - Page numbering [img][/img] It's too hard to read the number, maybe make it black, or dark
Post your Twitter to get followed Easy enough, post your twitter account [url=]MrBabalafe[/url]
Re: Profanity censor doesnt work. I have the same problem, I click the toggle button, but I can still see "bad" words
Re: What class are you looking forward to play? I'm not sure, but the hunter looks pretty cool to me. I'll probably play as that

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