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Re: Log Files Concerning the Recent Infection Event Bumping for anyone remotely interested
Log Files Concerning the Recent Infection Event [b][]Owl Sector site[/url][/b] created by bungie to "track" infected guardi
Re: Does joining a recipricol rune event charge your stolen rune? Yes, participating in anyone's reciprocal rune event will charge your all of the stolen runes in you
Re: [Site News] Community Concept - What if there was a 'Dark' subclass? what about a wereclass where a hunter becomes a titan during a full moon and a warlock during a new
Re: DESTINY LITUATION VOL.2 [img][/img][img][/img] Please
Re: Destiny Tracker New Design??? care to elaborate on what's wrong with it? Dissent is ok, but explaining what is wrong helps to prev
Re: Year 1 stats did not carry over. [mention]Karpata[/mention] Most of the stats are tied to characters, not accounts. That means that i
Re: Nerfs? Why? First, you could paragraph your thoughts which would make it an easier read. The game is always e
Re: Year 1 stats did not carry over. [mention]Karpata[/mention] Your Year 1 stats are showing and they did carry over, unless yore playin
Re: [Site News] Stat Page Updates When comparing the year one values, the difference should be (current stat) - (year one stat) = (+-d
Trials of Osiris Relfection Sum Review [youtube]3RqVZyksJeI[/youtube] Today we take a look at The Reflection Sum obtained from the Trial
Re: Multiple Guardians You have to have played 50 matches on each of them before they show up on any of the leaderboards.
Omolon Foundry Overview - Is It Worth Your Time? [youtube]S31JNP-b6XE[/youtube] Three foundries exist in Destiny: Omolon, Suros, and Hakke. Today
[Lore] The Book of Sorrows Reading pt. 2 [youtube]8C7PFvhKSQo[/youtube] Here is part two of the book of sorrows, it covers cards 21-50
The Eververse is Tearing Us Apart? [youtube]lV4FQoW-t6o[/youtube] New Nightfall changes and more!
Re: [Site News] PvP Geo Ranks Thats good to know
Re: Previewing ALL of the new Destiny Emotes - Tess Everis Vendor [mention]Kushy Kat[/mention] because a $60 traditional business model in this age of online gaming i
Re: [Site News] PvP Geo Ranks What are the limiters for this feature, does it show from country, state, city, or a combination of
The Chaperone Review [youtube]0yp_qKcNRXw[/youtube] After a week with the Chaperone, i give my thoughts and review for
Re: How To Obtain The 'Black Spindle' Black Hammers Exotic replacement! [mention]Tnh[/mention] the confusion comes from this; if you start a mission on hard when it is the
[Lore] The Book of Sorrows Reading pt. 1 [youtube]hh48jdKsL30[/youtube] Today, we bring you the reading of The Book of Sorrows. This is pa
Re: Warlock Exclusive Exotic Scout Rifle 'Tlaloc' Overview & It's amazing! [mention]Chippy569[/mention], no; like the Ace of Spades and the Fabian Strategy, for hunters and ti
Calcified Fragments Guide; 28/50 [youtube]atgbK9V5sKs[/youtube] Today, we cover how to get 28 out of the 50 calcified fragments sc
Re: Create Your Personalised Destiny Game Trailer here! - Legend Of You! i really enjoyed this
Re: [Site News] Destiny Tracker Database - View all the 105 Quests! [mention]xBearify[/mention], if youre going to be condescending, please leave
Re: Planetside 2 [mention]Firestream[/mention], Yes. I've had it on my Laptop a couple years back and i enjoyed playi
Re: [Site News] Taken King Count down & a new Partnership Hey, here's an idea; now that emblems, shaders, and ships are getting their kiosks, do you think it
Re: [Site News] Taken King Count down & a new Partnership soooo, whatcha got planned, if you dont mind us asking? :3
Re: Welcome to your new Destiny Achievements! So there's the raid..... then there's the [i]Heroic[/i] raid. in the edge interview, wasnt it hinted
Re: [Site News] Destiny The Taken King Q/A with GameInformer Let's complain about how stale the game is, but also complain about change so the stale game stays s
[Lore] The Nature of the Exos Written by user: Scumbag Wally ([url=
Re: [Site News] Game Informer Taken King News gonna delete a character to start from the beginning. it will be sad to see my stats disappear :(
Re: [Site News] Destiny Game Query Aggregator Awesome!
Re: How does daily tracking work "collection K/D" is the average K/D of that you made during that day or any previous days that weren
Re: Bungie #MOTW question We arent Bungie, if you want to submit for the Movie of the Week, do so [url=
Re: your opinion on destiny its a really well done [b][i]game[/i][/b]. its missing a rounded story but ive been playing the game
Re: Weekly Checklist Missing in Action? im not having any problems viewing mine nor your weekly checklist using the drop down or through the
Re: [Site News] New Trials of Osiris Ranking: Disciple Rank other than adding in as a side note for the competitive lfg, im not sure where else this could be in
Re: [Site News] New Trials of Osiris Ranking: Disciple Rank so besides being a cool new feature, does it have any impact or records elsewhere on the site? it lo
Re: [Site News] Destiny Weapon Tuning Update [quote=brandonsoxfan]ass why would they do that yo the gally [/quote] We are not Bungie, if you wan
Re: [Site News] Crucible Weapon Usage Statistics Xorth, your "click here" just leads back to this forum post. not sure if intentional
Alright, Xorth, got a doozie for you: [mention]xorth[/mention](PM attempt at resolving with [mention]- Hayabusa[/mention]) [quote][quot
Re: Destiny Community Hot Fix Ideas no, its fine if youre trying to start a discussion here, but if your goal was to give Bungie feedbac
Re: [Site News] This Weeks Trials: Widows Court sooooo..... we just rotating maps now? no asylum, twilight, or firebase? thats lame
Re: [Site News] Recap of Bungie Day The last official Bungie day that i remember was 2011's Bungie Vs The World and everyone got blue fl
Re: Stats & Deleted Characters [mention]Smokey[/mention] only in the "totals" (right side) section of your stats page
Re: Stats & Deleted Characters [quote=xorth][quote=Morarn]Any way that prevents stat-padding is a good thing.[/quote] How would
Re: Stats & Deleted Characters Any way that prevents stat-padding is a good thing.
Bungie priced their expansion illogically? So base price is $40 for the base expansion. The 'Legendary Edition' comes with the base game and b
Re: Elder cipher glitch info [mention]orangeflippy[/mention], you'll probably have more help with your problem [url=https://www.b

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