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My name is Josh and I am 20 years old. I'd love to share more, but 256 characters is not enough to s

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Re: Does Destiny have special mission items or items that can only be obtained once in the game? The two spaceships you start with are unique. One of my friends still has both variants and swears t
Re: How is the Crucible Skill score on DestinyTracker calculated? It's probably based on kills, assists, deaths, and win percentage. No idea if that's right, or how t
Re: [Site News] Nightfall Speed Run Leaderboard [quote=TheBigL]Damn, those are some fast runs. I can't even do that when there is a burn card for th
Re: [Site News] Iron Banner - 17th February [quote=Keasle]I think the shotgun could be worth it. Does the perk mean, that it has more range whil
Re: Any Clash of Clans players here? [quote=Sorge]No amount of Kate Upton boobs will make me buy it.[/quote] I'm pretty sure that's a
Re: Any Clash of Clans players here? This is the first thing I've seen that makes me want to try the game. I probably still won't though.
Re: What is Destiny's Rarest loot? Thudnerlord and Hardlight tend to be pretty rare, as Xur has never sold them. Although, like people
Re: Efrideet's Spear is Overpowered It's not the only sniper with armor piercing rounds, it's just easier to acquire because of the rero
Re: Amazing Update finally Destiny!! no more cheating [quote=Swat]Was there actually any need for this thread?[/quote] Yes.
Re: DVR Clips with audio sync issues I'm not sure what causes this, but I've noticed it on a few of mine too. I even had one that had NO
Re: [Videos] Destiny Holiday Gift I got another Harms Way machine gun. [img][/img] People on red
Re: [Site News] Site Update: Post game stats for Crucible, PvE, Raids and Strikes! Hey that's me! =D Nice update Xorth, Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into this site
Re: Exotic Bounties Everytime you turn in a bounty you have a chance to get an exotic bounty. So do as many bounties as
Re: Joining games in progress That's how it goes. Unless the game has a built in mechanic for not counting JIP losses, there is no
Re: Expansions [quote=Mr Jelly Man04]besides iron banner?[/quote] Do you want me to tell you that you can get ma
Re: Raid tips for first timer. I didn't read all the comments so I'm sorry if I repeat what people have said. Also, some of these m
Re: Expansions [quote=Mr Jelly Man04]Do you know the other ways to get light 30 armor (besides raids) coming in the
Re: People complain about the Cryptarch; Maybe it should be about the Postmaster The package is from the cryptarch though. You don't kill the messenger, you kill the sender.
Re: Hard strike Raid =/= Strike
Re: To Raiders on here. [quote=Jaxinc]I've tried running with people on here for raids and had very mixed results... most we
Re: VoG Loot Tables I don't think Exotic Bounty guns will drop in the raid at all.
Re: Experienced gamer seeking new group Sorry to hear about that. 6 years is a long time! Unfortunately I'm on X1, or I would definitely inv
Re: What class do you think needs a nerf? I think Warlock nades could use a nerf. My friends and I call the Axion bolt the gaynade because it
Re: XboxOne Dashboard Template! [quote=Darkened Night] You could try [url=][/url] or [url=http:/
Re: XboxOne Dashboard Template! Also something to note, you can go to your achievements and set an achievement art as your backgroun
Re: Get rid of Win/Loss ratio bring out a Win/Loss percentage [quote=Morarn]w/l = .28 w/l% = 28% ??????? whats hard?[/quote] My win/loss is 4.17 So by yo
Re: DestinyTracker Tool Tips This is sliced bread cool.
Re: Highest K/D in a PvP game? [Post Yours Here] I'm not sure what my best KD is, but DTR tells me I have gotten 38 kills in one game. And I have put
Re: Exotic Bounty Guide Toland's Legacy is not 25 strikes. It is 25 fragments. Nightfall and Weekly strikes grant more than
Re: Hunter keyhole perk shoots through titan's WoD in single shot. [quote=Wurm] I swear by Armor of Light, which would mean Golden Gun with Keyhole would take two h
Re: Hunter keyhole perk shoots through titan's WoD in single shot. [quote=Wurm]1. Armor of Light would require two Golden Gun shots to down the Titan, leaving one for
Re: Weapons to take on the raid I usually rock the Timurs Lash Hand cannon, Light Beware fusion rifle, and Zombie Apocalypse machine
Re: Fix the leader boards please [quote=sodac]Well I am talking specifically about Grimoire. Where your score is totaled up over all
Re: [Xur Glitch] Items Of The Week [quote=Aspersio] Crest of Alpha Lupi Achlyophage Symbiote Light Beyond Nemesis The Last Word
Check Faction ranks using this browser app [url][/url] This application just popped up on Reddit. It allo
Re: Vault of Glass Oracles - A New Way to Win Post-Update I didn't watch the video, but I have to ask a question. Why are you trying to cheese the raid? The r
Re: Vault of Glass and the New cheese I didn't watch the video, but I have to ask a question. Why are you trying to cheese the raid? The r
Re: About the Defender super... [quote=Tyyger] It can be broken by a warlock split nova bomb, and the rest of it / blast radius kil
Re: [Site News] Sunsinger - Guide. [quote=Ethereal Khaos]I'm a Sunslinger that uses Fireborn and only fireborn, Personally every time I
Re: [Site News] Sunsinger - Guide. I heard that Touch of Flame makes solar weapons do damage over time, even in crucible. Can you confi
Re: From a Warlock to Xur. . . If you plan on hitting level 30 prior to completing the hard mode raid, an exotic chest piece won't
Re: Exotic Weapon Guide: Sniper Rifles [quote=Jason Hertzog] Good information there, too! That third eye perk looks like it would be a hug
Re: Twitch Hub Xbox One stream: [url=]
Re: Aetheon Knock-Off Method Why are you guys adding an "e" to Atheon? Stop that.
Re: Exotic Weapon Guide: Sniper Rifles Little bit of trivia for Patience and Time: It was originally named Closing Time, and the perks and
Re: Weapon review: Atheon's Epilogue Wurm is correct. Elemental effects only come into play against the shield color that it matches. Voi
Re: Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? [quote=Wurm]Uh, guys, you do realize that the maximum level cap in this game is 20 and that Light Le
Re: Thoughts on the VoG Raid gear? Also, everybody will look identical +/- one piece of exotic armor and a shader. Pretty lame.
Re: Here is a fast and easy way to complete the queen's 200 headshot bounty It won't work now, Bungie patched the spawn timers in Skywatch. Enemies take about 40 seconds to spa
Re: Marksman Recruitment: Team Phantasm (PS4) Wow, that is quite the list of requirements. Good luck finding members with such an elitist outlook.

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